Costumes for USF4


Hello, just a quick question. Is there any confirmation that additional costumes will be available for USF4, or will there just be the DLC costume pack for the 5 additional characters? A new round of costumes for the entire cast would be a welcome DLC.



no confirmation yet for the rest of the cast only the 5 new, but i guess it will depend on USF4 sales and if Capcom is crazy enough to recycle SfxT costumes


i couldve sworn i read it somewhere all the cast would be getting new costumes


I may have misinterpreted as well, but i thought they said something about new costumes for the whole cast during the initial USF4 announcement at EVO last year…


Judging by the first 4 seen i think they may chose the Udon-fantasy route

Wich remind me a lot this style



I hope not, while something cool can be made (i fucking love that Elena concept), i hope they chose something more fitting with SF


Imho the coolest thing they can do is a full focused Capcom theme pack, where every char give tribute with a costume inspired to some protagonist from past Capcom games… they have ton of stuff where take
Think things like

Ryu -> Megaman/Donovan
Ken -> Dante (original)
Guy -> Strider
Cammy -> Felicia/B.B.Hood
Bison -> Demitri
Rose -> Morrigan
Cody -> Gene (GodHand) <- instant forevah main
Makoto -> Akira (Rival School)
Guile -> Chris Redfield/ Captain Commando
Elf -> Viewtiful Joe
E. Ryu -> Asura
Ibuki -> Amaterasu (Okami)
Gief -> a giant angry Arthur from G&G
Dan -> Phoenix Wright (Ace attorney) for uber taunting win

And so on…
they can easy find awesome and fitting stuff for every char, when jap was king they had so many epic games

Fuck, i miss classic-good-old-days Capcom :frowning:


That “Gutz” Ryu is badass. I’d have to main him.

I just hope everyone has the costumes somehow so we don’t get the super situation where some people couldn’t see it if they hadn’t bought or downloaded a non mandatory patch.


I have no idea, but they did say that costume sales have always been disappointing to them.

(good, I hate aesthetic DLC)


I love the idea of a Capcom costume DLC

However Ibuki’s should be Lt. Linn Kurosawa

Just sayin’


Costume sales have probably been disappointing because after two months, the costume packs are more expensive than the games themselves and never lower in price.


Though it’s not confirm, I have a hunch that the 4 ported SFxT character may get the alts from SFxT, boosting their # of costumes to the same as the AE characters. Rolento’s plunger of doom returns…maybe.


I want Ibuki’s Manji clan outfit:

But I guess that’s not going to happen because of Tekken copyright.


Probably they will copy only the non-TKswap ones
I don’t have SFxT but after a look at youtube it seem they have TKswap and originals.
Originals probably can be recycled without problem, some are cool


What about the characters that didnt get into xT?


They get tap out t-shirts…


That’s because it’s drawn by the same dude (GENZOMAN), he works at UDON.


Hakan in a business suit, make it happen(Without the fire of course)


All I want is costumes that look badass and have a mature tone. I’m tired of the “funny” costumes that were made for some characters (ex. Rolento as a plumber in SFxT). I won’t even mention that hideous Blanka alt in AE (you know which one I’m talking about). How about…

Seth - in a suit like was shown in the art book
Hakan - the Turkish warrior concept right above me looks good
Guile - pay homage to Gunloc from Slammasters?
Cammy - how about her costume from the SF2 V cartoon?
Guy - Strider. Seriously.

And so forth. Those Udon costumes are a good start.


Nah, give Cammy that Scarf concept art costume [details=Spoiler]

[/details] or Streetwise. [details=Spoiler]



Damn, that second concept art of Cammy look awesome.
Always had a thing for tomboyish looking girls. :<