Couch Cade


I had this idea that I wanted to do. It’s a small bar that fits behind my couch that has slots for 2 portable controllers. It fits a pony keg in the middle.

I modeled it in 3dmax and matte painted it into my living room.

Here’s the link to the images.


Nice Idea. I would think that you would need to put a proper Drip tray and drainage system under the tap, maybe some beer holders and shelf in front of the drip tray.


yeah I was going to model more details but got lazy. I just need to get far enough to get the idea going. I might go with a fridge. I dunno yet.


Fridge is going to save you lots of trouble.

You won’t have to worry about water damage from the keg, moving it in and out, etc.


I dig the idea, but like the others said just go with a mini fridge. I’ve got one in my room that gets the job done. I’d definitely throw some recessed cup holders into the top though, it would be awesome.

Good luck if you decide to go for it.