Could a ST be made like Third Strike On-lIne and if so would you buy it?

As everyone probably has seen once you get to the shoryuken website, Third Strike On-Line looks like a winner with all the things they are doing right to it. The awesome feature of being able to upload to youtube and/or your youtube account is just one of the sweet features.

Anyways do you think it would be beneficial for Capcom to do this same treatment to ST? Let’s be honest while the intentions were right for HDR it just didnt come across right. It divided a lot of people and due to it sort of killed the scene.

I know people have been asking for balancing in Third Strike but after the HDR debacle I think it was a great idea they didn’t.

With that being said do you agree that there still is a large following for ST? We know it is still being played competitively in Japan. If Capcom were to do this to ST, I would play ST exclusively over HDR. I think many would. Also with the youtube features there would be many more great matches being recorded and shared to everyone.

I don’t know how much it would cost to implement and make a game with such features but I have to believe with such a strong following in Japan as well as the U.S., it would have to do well.

Do you agree or disagree? And is it worth petitioning to Capcom to do so.

10 space bucks says within minutes of 3S-OL going, uh, online people will find glitches and other randomness and say it isn’t “arcade perfect”.

There is absolutely no way plain-jane ST will get this treatment (As long as HDR is still on the marketplace anyway). Maybe capcom will do an online enabled SF2 super pack (WW, CE, HF, S, ST, HSF2) but I doubt much else. I think we’ll see the Alpha games before that though.

It was a great marketing champaign for sure.

I’m still cautiously optimistic about 3s oe.

If they actually deliver what they promised, then capcom can repackage all the classics (not just ST) and make us pay for them again. All SF2 variation, alpha, etc.

To the hardcore fans, arcade perfect is unambiguous. To capcom (or whoever they subcontract out to do the job), arcade perfect means totally different things.

There is no remix treatment for MVC2 xbox/ps3, it sold more than HDR, and yet in tournament they still use the dreamcast/arcade version.

Similarly ccc2/dreamcast/hdr at one point were claimed to be “arcade perfect” (in marketing champaign at least), and yet a few frames of input delay (and other subtle differences) ruined everything.

With that said, I do hope that capcom will prove me wrong and release arcade perfect version of 3s on consoles.

And seriously, all these for $15 bucks?? (The art and music are amazing!)

Why bother when HDR is already perfection.

:rofl:The flood gates have opened.

But honestly, Shari is right. Why would they do it when they made HDR *and *included ST in it as well? I think the Alpha’s will be next, for which I am eagerly anticipating.

I don’t think ST or HDR are perfect. Sirlin himself admitted he would do a few things differently now. For instance, I believe Yuu is right: Boxer is still “bullshit.” And we have one version (PS3) that is a rushed port of the other, with added input delay. Anyway, there are still a few things to do.
[]First and foremost: PC arcade-perfect port of ST and HDR (re-remixed welcome, IMHO with minor tweaks in relation to ST);
]With new arcades running Windows OS, we have no excuse for not having an arcade release;
[]No versions with input delay other than the original 3-frame one from the arcade;
]GGPO for all versions (but arcade);
[]Old backgrounds included, filtering included (might be Classic Mode-only, but I would not add such a restriction);
]Whatever the consoles we will have in the near future, allow players from one console to play against the ones with PC and other console versions: do not divide the player base;
[]Visible hitboxes the right way: same as in the Wiki, frame stepping included and no pause messages such as the one from HDR that screws stuff when you want to check how certain frame hitboxes interact;
]New remixed music. Have professionals do it, delivering something with some bass lines, for fuck’s sake, and fixed Vega’s stage music (CPS1/2 rhythm);
[*]Training mode with recording.
I find it great that 3SOE will have some original artwork in high def, several training scenarios, unlockable content, etc. I first things first, as long as what’s in my list is delivered, I would buy it, no questions asked.


In response to Sweet Poison, I’m totally psyched for 3rd Strike online and like Papasi, cautiously optimistic about it, but definitely hoping for the best. If by some miracle an arcade perfect version of ST with added features got released for XBL HDR would get deleted off of my hard drive so fast.

HDR didn’t kill the scene - SFIV did.

In fact I’ll go as far to say that HDR bought in a lot of casual players that hadn’t played ST online before, that developed into very good players. There were a lot of people beginning at the same time, so it was easy to find fights of all skill levels. Now only the decent players remain, so it’s hard for new players to get into it without being stomped. Even moreso on ST. The opinion on which version to play may be divided, but you can’t deny it got more people playing.

As for a 3rd Strike online version of ST, it would probably tank. The problem with ST for the less serious players, are that the graphics are dated, there are some very powerful/annoying tactics and the level of competition is very high.

I expect 3rd Strike to enjoy some success due to it’s similarities in design to SFIV (EX moves, different super arts, more combo based than ST), and although it’s 2D it still looks great. It’s also seen as a cool game thanks to the Daigo/Wong match, with everybody wanting to parry like a God.

As great as ST is, it’s hard to get some kind of food chain going when there is nothing in the middle, just beginners and experienced players. SFIV is much more forgiving and a number of barriers have been removed (execution is much easier, there are less “cheap” tactics and there’s always the free ultra handicap).

I imagine 3S will start out strong but will go pretty much the same way as HDR. One people start improving, or the people who have been playing 3S for years come online and stomp shit, people are gonna rage quit and go back to SFIV.

But yeah, maybe, just maybe if they put the time into it with features like saving and sharing replays, dummy recording and “trials” and explanations on how to do the various cancels and stuff, it might just get a few more people playing.

And to think, we could of had arcade perfect + online ST, three years ago. But no, Sirlin had to waste his time with HDR. :mad:

It already was perfect:


Wrong this is the perfect version of Vega’s Theme:


That is impressive I must admit.

People keep blaming Sirlin for all of the “problems” in HDR. He had nothing to do with the overwhelming majority of them (rebalance aside, granted), and he pushed for the main bonuses we got, like hitboxes in training mode, and the better options for controller settings. The fact that some things weren’t done as well as they could have been after that? Thank the former memory constraint, and BackBone. Stop blaming Sirlin for everything; it’s just not fair.

If they rereleased ST, HDR, or even HF or AE in the same manner as they are doing with 3SO, it would be a must-buy instantly. I really hope they continue this treatment with the Alpha series, or even (gasp!) CvS2 or Darkstalkers.

ST on consoles?, naah, consoles are tied to generations, HDR will finally die when this current gen will become an old generation without online support. I’d kill too see GGPO or Supercade with youtube upload option and social networking features., GGPO and Supercade is enough for ST community.

It would be great to see a real ST game on consoles though.

Classic mode is good enough for kusumondo and co to practice on. That should say something.

Screw Sirlin for not including the old BGs though. I know he has reasons but you can’t tell me that it was impossible.

If they were to do it, they would have to implement an excellent training mode IMO, something really advanced, so you easily practice advanced tactics like OSs, safe jumps, reversal throws and specials, etc. that way you can just grind hard in training mode and get the stuff down. It would be really excellent to be able to practice your execution on ST to a tee without having to play with someone and/or use emulation with speed differences and input lag.

Having a training mode with a dummy who can only autoblock is just unacceptable. I think it’s the biggest priority; every fighting game should have an amazingly useful training mode at this point. I mean all they’d be doing is porting a game they already made 17 years ago, Capcom really has no excuse.

That’s not fair. Sirlin/Backbone had to beg and plead with MS to get their xbox live limit up to 200MB. It’s probably because of them that the limit has pretty much been lifted now (2GB max). Had MS not had that limit like Sony doesn’t with PSN, we would have probably got a direct port of ST Dreamcast along with HDR. Sirlin bent over backwards to appease the ST faithful, and it still wasn’t enough.

Even if ST received an arcade-perfect port, there would still be some OG fools rejecting it. To them a console port could never be good enough, and they’d want to go back to playing on arcade cabs or superguns. If those purists were truly “faithful”, they would have supported Classic mode in HDR (or Remix), they wouldn’t have let HD backgrounds and pixels faze them.

Having said all that, I would totally shell out $15 for a new port of ST, simply cuz I’m a sucker. LOL Those 3S fans are so lucky.

What about the problem of third strike sucking

The release of 3SO will be a great test-bed experiment for this. With all of the attention to detail that’s been paid, though, I bet it will be accepted by the purists.

An actual problem would be that comments like this don’t get people reprimanded here nearly often enough.