Could anyone enlighten me to some basic MVC strat/gameplay theory?


firstly, i’ve been browsing through these boards for a long time, and i’ve sat down with MVC2 a long time ago and couldn’t really get into it. But with the release of MVC3 i want to brush up of my general knowledge of the game itself because the slower pace and easier button scheme seems more my style. I’m familiar with some intermediate terms and strategies from MVC2 (tri jumping, fast fly, etc.) but what i’m really looking for is basic theory.

For example, why are certain teams good? How do you pick a team and the order your team goes in and why? what are good times/reasons to switch out? I understand alot of this can be situational Just any basic info is appreciated.

For mvc3 i was going to use Zero/X23/Doom (Depending on x23 and zero’s assists) figuring that i could try to lock people down with dooms rock assist while i lay block strings on people with X23 or Zero.

Anything helps, forgive my noobishness, and thanks for any input.


oh really?


Yeah, i’ve read all of that, it’s not what i’m looking for.


You wanna learn the basics, but ignore the threads on the basics? Okay…

Wanna learn teams go to the team thread, though it’s purely speculative at this point. You could’ve asked this in the general discussion or Saikyo Dojo. No need for a question to get its own thread.


Marvel Help Volume 1 - Team Structure - Neo Empire Forum

I wrote this a couple of years ago, it’s not that great but it might help you. It applies mainly to MvC2 but you can take the same ideas I wrote about and apply it to MvC3 too…


This is the MVC3 basics thread.

That being said you should ask this in that thread or the General Discussion. Creating a new thread is just going to get you an infraction and this will get closed.

Asking why certain teams are good would require us to have full information on the game, but it has not been released yet. There is also a thread on this very page discussing this question “in theory”.


Demon, thanks this is pretty much exactly what i was looking for. Perhaps i worded my question incorrectly, sorry to piss all the internet tough guys off.


We’re just very protective of our little corner of SRK and don’t like to see random threads pop up that are questions that would be better asked in existing threads.


Viscant wrote a bit about how to pick a team, i believe thats on this site somewhere