Could anyone finish this Kinu Nishimura Third Strike Art?


Hey artists! I was just wondering if anyone could finish this art. For example colour Dudley, Posions hat / book, Ken’s Son’s neck etc. Maybe leaving some stuff unfinished will look good, but I feel like this is one or two sessions away from completion.

Sorry if this is some sort of blasphemy X_X


you should finish it


thanks for posting this, it’s awesome.
sorry, I’m not gonna finish this pic, but it’s always good to see Kinu Nishimura’s more obscure stuff.


wheres hugo?

Also, this picture is fantastic, is there anymore like it?


Actually, I think the unfinished look adds to the effect of it being more like an art piece, though probably not intentional. Alot of akiman’s work at times seem unfinished too, but for some reason feels just right finished or not.

Man, you should check out some of the stuff thats coming up in the SFXT artbook. Some scans popped up on tumblr. There’s also this capcom calendar out there that has alot of new kinu and bengus stuff.


Also, I randomly found this one recently drawn by bengus.


Heres more stuff from that calendar.

And lastly there’s akiman. He draws alot of new stuff, even some samurai showdown art.


Not sure why I posted all that, but I it gives me hope gives me hope that they’re still somewhere there behind the scenes.


Wow I must have that calendar! haha

Yeah I quite like the unfinished style, but I wanted to use it as stick art, and ghost Dudley and the other unfinished bits would annoy me I think. Heres some more Kinu Nishimura art, I only found out about her the other day looking for stick art, shes amazing! Although she seems to draw a lot of non-capcom stuff that is slightly… well lets say its very japanese.

EDIT: This thread is like the 5th result when you type in ‘kinu nishimura’ …


Gotta love tumblr for those hard to find “where did you find this!” obsecure art.

It is my mission to find that calendar someday at a con somewhere and scan it for all to see.

It originally sold at a reasonable price, but sold out quick.

now its in the range of either double the price or being ridiculously high for a rare japanese import.


Hey I took your advice and did It myself! I busted ghost Dudley, gave Ken’s son a scarf for a neck and coloured in Poison. I wish I had the skill to actually colour Dudley but its almost impossible for it not to look out of place.


The Pic link is broken ;_;

Which Capcom Books have Nishimurs’s art work?


I would start with CAPCOM DESIGN WORKS and then STREET FIGHTER 20


It started with this book I think.

Then went on to this…

This book has alot of her older capcom work. Kinu is all over the place in this one, there’s also a step by step process of her doing the cover. If only this thing was rereleased and translated. Got mine for 80 bucks used and its been falling apart ever since. You could probably find a digital copy somewhere which is good to have as a reference. You’ll find that picture posted from op from this one for sure and alot of other 3rd strike stuff. But it’s also in with…

Most of the street fighter stuff you’ll find here, with interviews (though they’re not much). The focus on street fighter is worth it though, and alot more organized as each artist has their own section.

Some stuff in this one too, though not much. I think Its more of an IKENO book. But the step by step process in character design is pretty interesting.

this next one is coming out soon. should have a few bits in there.

hopefully theres a marvel vs capcom artbook somewhere in the line. She has some recent stuff on there as well

But that’s all I got. I wonder if there’s more…There’s probably more in some other UDON books too, but I haven’t checked…

Defintely get CAPCOM DESIGN WORKS though if when you can. Alot of these are scanned up conveniently around the internet somewhere. Great to have as a reference. You could also zoom in details, stretch out certain parts and make stick art out of them which is something you really can’t do with a book you bought for 80 bucks just as a collector’s item. The Internet can be your friend, just dont let it give you viruses.


it is finished. dudley’s a ghost. didn’t you know?


Dudley was dead the whole time! spoilers