Could Anyone Make Me An AV....PLZ

IF anyone could make me an AV it would be greatly appreciated. I would like sumthin with Ken, Terry, and Kyo. MY FIRST POST.:slight_smile:

ill do it man,just give me the pics of what you want.and let me know exactly what you want…i dont do animation tho,still learning.:smiley:

ok…ok ill look for pics thnx alot.:slight_smile:

ok cool.:cool:

OK I found 3 picks off of how do i get them to u? sorry this is a dumbass question.:confused:

just place them here,or tell me exactly what pics you want from gamegen bud.:evil:

honestly i dont know wtf im doing…could u pick w/e picks for them off of that site that will work for the AV. All i care about is that it says G2W2 in the bottom left hand corner. thnx again:D

ok man working on it.give me some time,and the sprites you want is…(ken,terry and kyo)am i right?:smiley:

ok man im done,hope you like it,ive made two of them so choose your pic,like i said before im still learning so don’t expect anything crazy…heres the first one.

and here’s the second one…enjoy!

tonbarry, u mind if i give this a shot with all my knowledge?

wow sorry been daydreaming…umm let me take a look:D

hey go right ahead man…i don’t mind at all.:smiley:

ummm, crap it said i couldnt open it as my avatar cuz it wasnt gif or jpeg?:confused:

what??it is a gif,did you try saving the pic and then placing it?:p…it works for me see look<--------

Ya i know im really confused i saved it to my pictures them opened it from the browser…i donno does the format change when saved to my pictures?

heres mine. i like the 3 characters styles. enjoy if possible

Thnx so much for the AV’s fellas i finally figured it out…yes im stupid but w/e:p …thnx lata

hey looks like you got it,and nice av djnocturnal i like it.