Could Heroes and Heralds be run in tournaments (no troll)?

Just a thought. I mean, if it’s really broken it obviously wouldn’t be. But if it isn’t, then who knows?

Capcom purposely made it broken. They just thought up a bunch of random crap and put it in the game.

So no.

SFxT has the gems, which is basically a balanced version of HnH, so I don’t see why it couldn’t just for shits n giggles.

Watching people parry multihit/very complex combos and hypers would melt faces. For example: parry a Phantom Dance = 300 stream monsters die from the resulting shockwaves.

I thought you were describing the actual game itself for a second there.

I personally am in favor of H&H tournaments. I have a feeling it’ll happen at least once, assuming it has offline versus play.

It has to happen at least once, just so we know what it would look like.

It will probably happen as a side tournament or casual play, in-between-the-major-games type of stuff. Like how people sometimes do CPU vs CPU matches.

I’m sure FChamp will at least be streaming it a lot.

for a fun side tourny maybe.

Not as a serious tournament. I’d love to see H&H side tournaments like they did with God Marvel though.

even if its not a major someone is gonna be recording it being played at some point. likely not for money but for shits and giggles, im down as hell to watching.

how’s that any different from when a game ends up broken on accident



Honestly it’ll turn into everyone using the same ones that give you hyper armor on every move or assist and that one that makes you invisible

It’ll be retarded beyond belief and fucking hilarious. I’d love to watch high level HnH play.

Because designing a game to purposely be broken will have even worse accidental stuff in it. Sometimes the worst thing in the game is what is purposely designed (DPh sends postcards from vanilla.)

So what “even worse accidental stuff” came about from making Phoenix hilariously broken, and what prevents the dev team from patching out any of these severe accidents that do appear? As far as I can remember every glitch in Marvel 3 has been related to a character other than the one who was purposely designed to be super broke if successfully brought into play…

H&H probably could be played at a high level, and learning a new meta for it probably isn’t too complicated. The main obstacle would be getting people to play H&H competitively, and the fact that you have to unlock/collect ability cards (as indicated by the fact that you receive titles for certain collection milestones).

if they do that, then they might as well have a time trial tourny for galactus mode :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 90% sure the DHC glitch was caused by Dark Phoenix taking 20% extra damage from all attacks that caused the DHC glitch. She no longer does, and the DHC glitch is gone.

Oh, that’s not brokenness in action. It’s something that’s called Karma for talking epic amounts of shit. :rofl:

probably not, I mean we still have yet to see how broken it’s gonna be. We all know they have said it’s meant to be broken. But even if it was “balanced” lol I’m pretty sure it won’t be tournament viable. It’s just a game mode that’s supposed to be fun. Although I cannot wait to see the parry’s for this game.