Could I get a recommendation on which Playstation to Gamecube converters are good?

This was one I was thinking of buying because its cheap… heh

Honestly though, I need something thats compatible with PS1 dual shock and SF Anniversary pad (the old ones like the ryu, chun li ones for playstation)

I actually have a gamecube converter from years back but it only works with dual shock type controllers. If its on original psx pad or an arcade stick it doesn’t work. I am currently looking into the ones that plug into the wiimote. I have a feeling that they will be more compatible with my ps2 sticks. I’ll let you know as soon as one comes in.

I bought 2 for about $2.46, no tax no shipping.

The onl problem is is that they aren’t THE greatest ones out there because they have a slight bit of lag, but it also looks a lot like the on you show.

do and look uner the Wii accessories, should be roughly 1/8 of the way down the first page.