Could I get testicular cancer of some sort for putting my fightstick on my lap?


Please answer this. I’m concerned and have had a large lump on my right testicle ever since I bought my TE fighstick.


Um, rather bizzare question lol. I very much doubt it is caused by the TE stick because it does not get hot or give out any radiation I don’t think. I heard something about Laptops causing testicular cancer too but all these claims are usually made by mad scientists and the chance of it happening is like 1/100000.

If you are worried go to the doctors, no use posting here. If it’s serious rather do something now than be sorry later…


Go to the doctor. Immediately. Sue Mad Catz, too.


If this is a troll, hat’s off, I lol’d.

If not, Doctor, ASAP. Highly doubt it being the TE’s fault.


Not from putting it in your lap but you will get it from calling it a “fightstick”.


U must have huge testicles


I’m going to say no(since it doesn’t emit radiation). Go see the doctor.


“Testicular Cancer” and “Fightstick” don’t even blend or sit in the same context unless you were mashing your nuts with the fightstick


I know this is a joke thread, but…

Any wired stick isn’t going to do any harm to your body. On the other hand, wireless accessories such as controllers can be a cause of cancer, but the chances are extremely low since you do not hold them near your package.

If you are using a wireless stick (such as the Tekken 6 bundle stick), then that’s a different case. Since the stick sits on your lap, your genital area is very close to the wireless radiation-emitting PCB and puts you in danger. You could however, use an aluminum tray or foil between your lap and the stick to block out the radiation. Or just stick with wired peripherals and you’ll be okay.