Could I have an AV of Demon Eyes Kyo?

I know nobody ever asks for an AV made of him, but I would like to know if anybody can pull this off? I just simply want a cool AV of Demon Eyes Kyo from the anime, “Samurai Deeper Kyo”.

I don’t have any pics of him so sorry about that.:o

The colors of the AV can be red/black or red/white, with my name on it with some kind of cool animation in it.

So, does anybody think this is possible? Sorry for the lack of details, I just want a really cool AV of this guy.

He is like one of my FAV main characters of an anime.:smiley:

let me give it a shot, i cant garuntee animation or class, but ill try hard.

Ps. im not a noob either so dont worry.


no animation YET, check back in a day or too for an animated version. If you have any questions or think it sucks, send me a pm and ill do another.

You’re still itching for one?

My my.


I like it, but can you get a pic of him in his true form with the red hair?

it was a good show, he picked a good character. But i too remember when he first requested a Demon Eyes av, quite some time ago.

It is too big yo, it won’t fit.

k, lemme find apic with the red hair and ill redo it, check back tommorow.

it’s the right dimensions, but it’s too large… save it at a lower quality, and it should be fine… if ur using photoshop, 8 quality should be perfect

It won’t work

Just curious,if you want an av of demon “kyo”…why didnt you name yourself demon “kyo”?..instead of “Hyo”.

I didn’t see that anime yet.:sweat:

here if you want it soo badly, than try it out, ill have a better new one tommorow for yah.

:cool: Thanks a lot man this is awsome. You think you could make his face with the real skin complection? Sorry I didn’t specify the correct way I wanted it by saying the AV should be red.

Did you have any luck finding Kyo in his true form?

You ever get to finish it?

sorry dude, i had to close on friday and saturday, so i slept all weekend. If i get a minute today ill get it for you.

NP, thanks man.:cool:

oh ok fair enough.