Could I have an Avatar, please?

I’m not sure who’s the best AV maker on this forums, but I would seriously like someone to make me the hottest AV of, Neji, from the Naruto anime series. I just want it to look SICKINING! Have some cool animations and colors to make it look unique. Do whatever you have to do, but just make sure you put my name, “Demon Hyo” on there.

Thanks a lot and I would seriously appriciate it. I know you guys have excellent talent, so that’s why I’m coming to you guys. I love the work ya’ll do. :tup: :tup: :tup:

Any updates?

PM Psychosquall he makes excellent Naruto AVs…

He’s not doing any requests right now.

hmmm yo hyo hit me up on aim ill do it.

Ok, will do.

I tried talking to you on aim, but I get no reply. Could someone else make it or could you reply to me please?

Sighs… I guess nobody will do it then.

lol sorry hyo…ill get to it quick.

i made two one blue one red.

Pick the red :tup: