Could I have an avatar please?

Hi, as you know people started calling me The PASSION. I since it’s one of my other names now, I figured I might as well get an avatar that says it on there. Basically, I would like an avatar with the symbol from the passion of the christ movie. Just make an avatar saying “THE PASSION”. I’m not sure how it should look, but you guys make awsome avatars so just make it look cool as you can make it. You can add animation if you like.

Thank you very much.

Do you have any images from the movie you’re talking about? Or do you have a link to a website that does?

It might help to provide something to work with. I don’t even know what symbol you’re talking about.

My bad, there is no symbol. However, you can just make up some kind of cool looking sybol or something that would make the AV even better.

you need the real demon hyo …

Are you saying you could put him on my avatar and put the word “PASSION” on my AV also? If anybody could put the real demon hyo and the passion on my AV it would be soooooo cool! :clap: :clap: :clap: Make that AV look evil and bangin as ever! :badboy:

Any luck yet?

can’t find a large pic of the guy, in fact, the only pic I could find of him was at most 70x70

this is really hard … i try contact ti RSnetwork for the pic

or highervoltage


at last

Cool pic. Is that going to be used in the AV?

I’ll try it out if no one else wants to give it a go.

Cool, I hope somebody can do it though.



Ahhhh Tubgirl!!! =o