Could Jesus have been an alien?

I am a practicing Catholic but can’t get over the possibility that Jesus could have been an alien. I mean think about it an angel appears to Mary (one of the aliens) to tell her she will give birth to a child without sexual relations. It could be that the aliens are so advanced that they could impregnate a woman just by planting their “seed” in her. I mean we have this technology today so it’s not far-fetched to believe that visiting aliens already knew how to do this 2000 years ago. Then there are his miracles (healing the sick, curing the blind, walking on water) Again attributable to their highly advanced technology that probably even we today can’t explain because it is far more advanced that ours today 2000 years later. Then there are the missing years from about age 12 to 29. There are some theories that he spent this time in as far away as India. But isn’t it also possible that he went back to his “people” namely the aliens and spent it with them as debriefing or the aliens trying to find out what they’ve gathered so far from Jesus during his childhood years. Then around age 29 he goes back among the earthlings. Then he dies and there is the resurrection. The aliens are so advanced that they could resurrect a living being. which explains why he emanated with light when he left the tomb. The guards outside couldn’t even look at him. It’s because he was full of radiation from the chemicals or whatever that brought him back to life. The accounts say that the apostles did not recognize him because he did not look the same. Again the technology that brought him back to life has some side effects. Then there is the ascension into heaven. Accordingly he just levitated/floated up to the sky. This is the most baffling part!!! Is heaven a physical place up there in the sky!!! Can you fly there on a plane!!! I mean heaven is a totally different state of being from our state of being here on earth, right? It’s not a physical place in the same existence that we are in? It sounds more like Jesus being beamed up to a spaceship!!!

I mean you can also look at different accounts throughout ancient history. There are common themes among different ancient cultures throughout the world of these “beings that descended from the heavens” or “sky people”. Again and again in different continents in the Near East or Asia or the Americas etc etc. It’s as if the aliens are interfering at certain point of our history in the past to maybe jump start our civilization. There are always these common themes of gods that came down from the heavens or gods breeding with earth women. Our ancient ancestors were primitive and not familiar with the technology so they attributed these things to “Divine Beings” and were explaining these fascinating things as best they could.

Again I am a practicing Catholic, but I’m just saying that this is certainly a possibility.

Jesus probably never existed, and if he did he was just a normal person who had followers. not uncommon for the time. as for his claims of the ressurection and all that, lol seriously im not 7.

with that being said, i see no reason to assume the claims in the bible are valid, thus i dont need to pretend he was an alien to make myself believe they could have been plausible.

prolly… and where was he durin the age of 13 -37? lol… Could he have walked over to mexico and been like… sup aztecs… BRB

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Somebody has been watching alot of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.

Good thing that you brought this revelation to the learned scholars here on SRK. A priest would have probably slapped the hell out of you for this nonsense.

This is some tardness on the same level of the ‘world ending in 2012’ and ‘the US was responsible for 9/11’. Having said that, it’s not much more far fetched than Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Well alien or not the man was special and served a purpose.

I believe.

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Does anyone really refute the existance of Jesus? The only thing in question was whether or not he was more devine than you or I.

I’m kind of a Jew. I’m more of a deist.


Co-sign. This was my understanding as well.

pretty uesless post. But in short. Yes it is possible…but then again what isnt?

No, I don’t think so. At all. But I’ll humor you.

IF it were an alien, his acts seem incredibly trivial: walking around, feeding a crowd, healing a couple of people, not eating, pretending to die. Without the ultimate goal of opening the gates of heaven for the human race, Alien Jesus is revealed just to be an enormous narcissistic troll bent on making people worship him.

Has there ever been an explanation for all those paintings of astronauts/spaceships from ancient cave walls? It’s not like it’s only in one cave on one continent. It’s literally everywhere.

I believe Aliens definitely interacted with primitive beings in the past.

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lol this thread. jesus was just a jew who lead a group of very downtrodden and religiously impressionable people. all of his believed “miracles” are just parables and folklore. his social ideology of love and brother/sisterhood is often accepted and received as valuable, but to take biblical passages that indicate water was turned into wine (and the like) as literal occurences is ridiculous.