Could Nintendo go third-party?


I mean, the Wii U isn’t exactly doing well, and they’re selling it at a loss. Could it cause them to go software only from the money they lose?


Looks like someone wasn’t around for the Virtual Boy, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube.


If Nintendo went 3rd party for home consoles and focused only on making portable devices, they would literally print more money than they do now. All of the E3’s would be the Nintendo show and then some other games being made too.


I heard that 3rd parties already have trouble competing with Nintendo’s games. If they went multiplatform, I predict a LOT of 3rd parties would go out of business.


Quitting hardware and going 3rd party is for companies run by arrogant and incompetent management. Nintendo is only really plagued by the former. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon but they’re taking a major L this new gen, barring something drastic.


No. They never failed as many times as sega did. Just look at sega they only rely on sonic for profit now. Even if nintendo did go 3rd party they have alot of franchises that are well known and bring in alot of cash. Sega should’ve taken note and made use of alot of old franchises that were successful in the past.


Ever since Sammy took over Sega Japan’s gaming industry has been a joke except for Nintendo and a handful of exceptions. Sega was the one company with a blank paycheck to do what they wanted and show other developers how to design and program a game properly. Making software Sega’s way wasn’t healthy for survival, but a massively diverse catalog of IPs is way more impressive than cycling though the same IPs 100 times each. The difference between spitting out Altered Beast VIII and publishing Gunstar Heroes. That moment wasn’t going to last, but you see the legacy they left behind, particularly in games from the 90s and 00s. But Sega of Japan should have handed off the home console business to Sega of America (who made all the right decisions, including laying the blueprint for a viable multi-platform console market) while Japan handled the arcade sector (which they still run successfully to this day).


nintendo needs to get a hold of sega’s IPs. i would love to see a new jet set radio on wii u where you could do spray paint motions as well as create awesome graffitti on the wii u gamepad.