Could not find opponent!?

Almost immediately after searching for a Ranked, More skilled match, it says I can’t find an opponent, and I should increase my search perameters… WHICH IS RIDICULOUS BECAUSE THEY ARE AS HIGH AS THEY CAN GOOOOO! WTF IS THIS!?

Same thing is happening to me. It started last night and is still happening today.

I was playing for a little while against a bunch of different opponents last night with no problems. Then, all of a sudden, I tried a search and it failed. Asked me to expand parameters. I did and it returned nothing, immediately. So I logged off and went to bed.

Tried again just now and same thing happening. No opponents found immediately in Ranked or Player match.

Very weird. Anyone have ideas?

This is annoying…

i think its patch, cuz i saw a friends friend who had req:championship

im getting this too. i think its capcom

Well, I’m sure we can still create/invite to games. Anyone up for it?

Same here. Cannot get any ranked or player matches, regardless of the search criteria. I am in Europe, so perhaps we are getting the patch later. This sucks as my couple has gone out with girlfriends, I had bought a big case of beer and wanted to play online for a few hours without being disturbed.

I cannot find a match at all. This is ridiculous. Any help?

I thought I was the only one having problems. I was searching and finding a lot of matches earlier today. Then I shut it off and go eat lunch. Come back, and I get this ><

Its the same for me…not able to find any matches…
Usually while in arcade mode I will get too many matches…today I had only 6 matches in 7hrs :frowning:
If any1 interested in some matches just send me an inv :)…

GGs with CF 002 and Sgt Bowser…'d like to play you guys without any noticeable lag :slight_smile:

I’ll send ya a F/R now

same here, my tag is “prmd” hit me up =)

F/R sent sir

You have a MEAN Zangief man.:tup:

I can’t even find anyone at all. Hopefully they’re gonna fix the overall online after this.

I tried playing a games this morning, 8:30 Mountain time, all I got was the same two people. I couldn’t connect to either of them. I wonder what’s going on.

Can matches still be played by invites? Someone invite me! I’m on right now…

yep same here… wtf is going on. Tried all kinds of stuff and no dice. Ughhhhhhh got off of work early, and i can’t get any matches in wtf. sucks.:arazz:

I figuered it had to be server side, because netflix is streaming HD without a stutter.

Guys, I’m new here, but I play a pretty decent (I hope) Gen. Hit me up if you’re up for a fight.

GG’s Pyramid. You must now help me learn how to play other characters. :slight_smile: