Could some one sell me a bunch of the Street fighter comics

anyone got any?

Does condition matter to you? I got some spares in my room. I never bagged or boarded them so they’re not mint… but I’ll try to get pics tomorrow. I believe I got one cover each of Street Fighter 1-14. And maybe 1-4 (maybe 5 also but not sure on that) of SF2.

dude, don’t forget WTB: Street fighter comics

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Opss thanks could a mod change this for me?

You can change it yourself, actually.

go back to the trading outlet forum and doubleclick around your title to edit it :slight_smile:

CRAZY Sweet I had no idea thanks!

If you’re still interested I uploaded the pics here:

The back of issue 12 has a rip on it (picture included). Hit me up with an offer if you’re interested.