Could somebody PLEASE walk me through how to mod this?


I have a Soul Calibur V Hori fight stick for ps3, and I bought an MC Cthulhu. All I want is to connect the Cthulhu to the stick, but I’m really confused as to what im doing. I don’t want to do a multi console thing, just connect it for ps3 usage, solder-less.

What do I disconnect from what, and what do I connect? Am I removing the current pcb entirely, or connecting the Cthulhu in addition to it? The included instructions have me so confused.

Here’s the bottom side of the current pcb:

Here’s the top side:

Here’s the Cthulhu:

I just don’t want to break it or mess it up.


Can I ask why you bought a MCC for a PS3 stick if you dont plan on using the MCC features?


Believe it or not, the Hori Soul Calibur V stick is not backwards compatible with ps2 games on a bc system. Their other sticks are, this one isnt. I need to install this to play ps2 games.


You need to either find or make a pinout for that main Hori PCB. The buttons and stick are pretty easy; the five wires for stick, the black one should be GND, the other four are the directions; you need to try it out to figure out which wire is which of the four directions and put them into the direction screw terminals
The play buttons have two wires per button; one goes to that button’s screw terminal, the other goes to a GND screw terminal.
The USB wire will be a problem; you cant use the existing wire without soldering, so you’d need to remove it from the stick and figure out how to run a normal A-to-B USB cable through the case to plug into the Cthulhu.
Lastly there’s the Select and Home buttons which are somewhere in that CN14 or CN15 ribbon. You need to find out which wires are the Select and Home signals, and which one(s) are GND. Those wires go into the matching screw terminal.


Jamin3131 is saying you just need regular Cthulhu for that.
Save a bit of money.

Multi-Console Cthulhu not needed for what you want.


if you want to retain the functionality of the SCV stick, you wont be able to do the mod solderlessly, if you dont care about that, Then it would be best to remove the SCV pcb entirely. You should look in the SCV thread for a labeled diagram of the SCV PCB so you konw what where the Home/select buttons are on the main PCB and attach them to the MCC. You’ll also need a new USB cord if you dont want to solder the old one to the MCC.

Good luck!


Ok, what’s a “pinout”? Do I actually need to remove the button and direction wires from the Hori PCB to plug them into the screw terminals, because they’re soldered on?

Is it possible for you or someone to break it down a bit more simplisticly, as I’m totally new to this sort of the thing. I can follow along, I just need a break down.


I’ll check out that thread for a diagram. Yeah I’m fine with removing the pcb entirely. I just want to remove it correctly. And how would I attach this new USB cord?


I think you should do more research until you understand what is needed to be done. What you want to do is straightforward, and there’s plenty of guides and diagrams around on how to connect a Cthulhu to a stick. keep digging :slight_smile:

Edit - Start in the tuturials thread. Very helpful


Ok so far so good, but I’ve run into something im confused about… Theres not enough GRND terminals for all the action buttons. Each button has a prong that goes into a GRND terminal right?. But on the MCC theres only four GRND terminals.


MCC is a common ground controller, so you can put multiple ground wires into one terminal. Alternatively, you can create a daisy chain for the ground wire.


Buy one of these wire sets from toodles or just the linked ground section from focus attack


Wire your stick like the picture on the left (don’t pay attention to the joystick section square on right side)


also does anyone know what that audible speaker is on the pcb for? It has 470 printed on it


You should really use a Ps2 for Ps2 games the Ps3 lags like 2 frames add that to the lcd monitor lag and its pretty bad for most games and really bad for fighters and shooters Also if you own a PS2 you can always add a ps2 pcb to the SCV stick.


Thanks for the help so far everybody. It’s been invaluable. Does anybody know which of those grey wires is the ps button wire? I checked the board for this stick and all i see is somebody posted “Trace the wires back to find the home button wire.”, but the ps button isn’t actually attached to any wires. All the wires are attached to a smaller pcb in the top panel and unlabeled.

I assume to make this function with ps2 games, I have to have either the ps button or the Start+select thing in place to turn it on, right?


That’s an inductor, not a speaker.


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On word for you multi meter…well two words but you get my point pick up a cheap one from walmart or something

lol really it looks like one of those mini speakers that chirp thanks