Could Someone Assemble this Template for me

I want to apply a template to my SE stick of mad catz the problem is i doesnt know how to use photoshop, so could someone assemble this picture with the template for me so i can make this project

Here is Template and Picture below :
Template :
Picture :

next time you should just go to the The STICK ART REQUEST Thread: HOLD IT! [/Phoenix]
this is what you want?

Moving to Image Mishmash.

awesome thx, you think it will work in JPEG at the print place

if you like it i’ll send you the .pdf

here you go

thx goin to print this tomorrow will show you the final product once applied to my arcade stick and thx for this chuu really appreciate

the only problem is that the pdf version doesnt have the pcb and buttons emplacement for cutting

You’re not supposed to print the art out with that anyhow.

k cool gonna picture finished product thx for helpin me out

man…i think i’ve done like 10 templates so far and i’ve only gotten one “like”…bleh…

here is the final product i think it went pretty nice , hope you enjoy

Wow! that’s the quickest turn around time i’ve ever seen…nice stick!