Could someone make a cody avatar for me please?


Doesn’t have to be flashy, just a simple avatar of cody and have my name put in it. Here’s the cody pic:

If you have some designs you would like to do for it, then be my guest.:smokin:

Thanks for reading


Here mine


Can I have a Cody and Guy avy? Preferably better than this one :slight_smile:



Take if you want. Sup to you homie. I was already in photoshop doing some drawing when I saw this post so I said what the hell. I’ll pop you one.


Thanks Arkayne, definitely cool. But for some reason it looks blurry when I uploaded it but nice on the thread when you posted. Anyway you can fix that? It’s like srk took the resolution down when it upload it.


Uhh yeah Ill give you the actual photobucket link. Ill post it on your profile


my input.


Avatar glitch man!