Could someone make me an avatar?

I was wondering if anyone could make me an avatar of Jam and Baiken? Any extra effects would be cool, but, if anybody can, I would really appreciate it.

…provide sprites.



Where do I go to find some? Would it be some place like mugen?

whenever you look for sprites, a good place to look first is




I can’t see your post…

And I’ll slap something together for you. But uh…art or sprite?

I’ve found some sprites, so how do I download them to this page?

i can’t see his post either.

sasmasta, to the rescue!

[ninja edit]

did you get them off a website? if you did, right click the image and click “view image”. then copy that link address and just paste it into your post.


Like StuartHayden once told me…

“str[e]ak got dat PREMIUM!” :tup:

And I’ll see what I can throw together…

You sure its fixed? I can’t click it…:sweat: :rofl: ?:tup:?

never mind, i’ll find the sprite for you.

and yeah, sas, i got dat premium. :rofl:

i know the link wasn’t fixed. that’s why i deleted my post.

link he wanted:

Good looking out str[e]ak!

And here’s a place where you can find some more, link courtesy of the Resources Thread Sticky! :tup:

See if you like any of those before I go to town.

Give me jamsback1 and baikenstart1.

Here’s one. I’ll work on one more for you if this doesn’t meet your liking.

Gotta wear something you like yo…

that’s real cool. now all I need is one with jam. THANKS!!!

Hey no problem. Thanks for wearing it [I won’t trip if you change up to a better one.] :tup:

:woot:no, thank you. I wouldn’t have one otherwise.