Could someone make stick art for me?

I’m planning on getting a stick from DreadedFist (his thread,his site) real soon but I need, or rather want some kick ass art on it! I was looking for help and someone told me to go here.

So here I am :slight_smile: and if anyone can help that would be cool. Do i put graphics up here? or what? I want something along the lines of haku(naruto) but what next?

Will someone be able to help me?

Also the templates that it must fit to are on DreadedFist’s site

If anyone can help, Thanks!

what template

The template for the sticks, that the art has to fit to (templates)
or HERE not sure the difference.

Hope that helps or should i get the dimensions? would that help?

Oh yeah the artwork would be better if saved as .PSD and no greater than 300dpi (?) i’m not sure on this though. Late for Class :slight_smile:

i mean there are a couple of templates, which one

What characters do you want and what are the dimensions. I have allot of art and I use to do allot of stick art. Just make a list of characters, theme and color scheme and I will throw something together for you. I dont do button layout though just a good pic in the empty spots. Here the last one I did for myself.

O_O WOW! Nice. Well,

I know for the colors i either want a greenish scheme, so i can have green button and sticks
Or a (light?) mainly brownish(maybe with a little pink) scheme so i can have pink buttons etc.

The characters can be Haku or Rock Lee(Naruto)
Cloud, Seph, Sora, Riku, (FF and KH)
Koga or Inuyasha(Inuyasha)
Miyavi or Gackt (Jrockers)
Chaos (Xenosaga)
Kyo or Haru(Fruits Baskets)
Yagami or L (Death Note)
Dark or Daisuke(DNAngel)
Spike (Cowboy Bebop)
(they can also be in couples^_^)
There are a lot more just in case though…

I basically want art with cute anime(or real) guys lol Or anything else as long as it has the color schemes.(feel free to change the original colors of the pic so it matches ^_^)

Themes? umm coolness lol, cuteness, love idk. for sure on that yet.

Hope that helps, and thanks for the help also!

Can someone help me out aswell im also getting a dreadedfist stick

All I want is Ichigo in the bankai pose

and besides that my stick box is gonna be black and I dont know what color to make my balltop and buttons ill choose after I see the stick art

get crazy with it

I’ll see what I can do I might not be able to fit all of those characters on there but I will try.

Could someone incorporate these into stick art? but make number 1 the main one? and keep the colors like that too(or green or brown(with pink))?
1<<(really like this one)
2(can you take out the “by lil nea”?)











oh you don’t have to fit all of them, just if you have any of them…seperately will do


it’s really hard to get the template cause i don’t have photoshop, i dont know about flash though…and their are like eight of them and i don;t know which one @_@ i would say make one for both the new big box/happ box and the new small box/sanwa box (i think thats right )

for my thing dont worry about the template ill do that myself


how do you Do the templates??

the small box is roughly 7.5x10.75"

i give up

bumpity bump

And the template that people could make the artworkd for should be the new small box template I guess

just incase her are more dimensions.

old large= 13.5x9
new L= 13x8.5
old small12x8
and new small is up there.


could somone help me :frowning: I need art so i can order my stick. or should i just start anew thread? O_o I don’t know.:sweat: :wasted: :sad:

ah its christmas soon i will try to make something

Oh thanks so much :slight_smile: much wubb, sorry for being a newb at this

I can pay you too if you want?

Or if you want some chocolate! :smiley:

is there anything else you need to know?