Could someone please make me an AV from this gif?

Would someone be willing to make me an avatar from the Ibuki win pose gif I attached? I know the sprite is way too big for SRK’s max size…I wonder if it can be resized or cropped or if anyone possibly knows where to get a smaller one. It’d also be great if I could get my name to appear in one of the corners after the guy comes in.
Thanks a lot!! It is much appreciated.

Here you go buddy, Have fun with your new avatar… :tup:

hey fceeviper, you shouldnt resize sprites

heres my shot at it


Thanks guys! I appreciate it. They’re both sweet. I’ll have to figure out which one to use for now.

nothying personaly… but its pretty messed up to slash your name in teh av just cause… had he asked you to i can see it but not cool to just do

Well… what can you do.