Could this work to raise some cash? Combo competition

Something like, $5 entry, do a combo with no glitches, judges rate the best combos, winner gets x%, 2nd and 3rd as well from the pot, and the rest gets donated to a site, like SRK, preppy’s site, combovideos, etc.

I was thinking of this on my way to work today.


another idea… just make it go to combovideos since they’re going through some rough times now with the servers.

or all for the winners… anyway

anybody have any ideas? i’m sure that would make a nice bonus disk for the evo set if it was recorded…

did this before…

mike z will win.



i like the idea though, especially to help those sites. if you need help running it, get at me at evo.

mike z…depends on what game no?

I think if i can get say… .five judges, and a good amount of interest, we can work something out.

or we can do one for different games. marvel, 3s, guilty gear… perhaps… who knows?

any suggestions welcome. i’m new to evolution, so i’d like to do something more than just go and not compete. i want to contribute something.

who’s mike z?

some scrub

I think as NKI and Mike Z have both said before(or something to this exstent), if you can do a combo in your first couple tries whats the point? If thats the case then this competition to say would go pretty badly.

And no glitchs? wtf even constitutes as a glitch? Hell you could say half the dust combos you even use in a game like GG are a glitch since a lot use that impossible dust. So yea… That rule wouldnt make much sence shrug.

So yea I dun think this would go well personaly say for just my last GG video I made there were very few combos I got in the first few tries, so in general showing anything that anyone would want to see in the first place would be to time consumeing in the first place, cuz who wants to see simple shit?

when i say glitches, i mean like, the 2-man glitch in marvel. stuff you couldn’t do in a match.

maybe you’re right… that’s two people to bring up mike z. lol