Could use some advice on a stick

So i’ve read this forum to death over the past week and i’ve gotten a wealth of information.

So my situation is i really need a stick but i can’t wait. If i didn’t mind waiting i have a ton of choices in mind. It seems the fastest way to get a stick is to buy a FightSTick from ebay for almost double the price then switch out parts with sanwa or whatever. I don’t really care too much about the price thankfully. So my question is what would be a better option for a very solid starting stick opinions are very welcome if you could choose.

Would you get a fighstick from ebay, gets here in 3-5 days then get some sanwa parts and go that route.

Get a TE for a bajillion dollars and get parts for it.

Wait and continue to use the 360 controller and hope to not suicide and get the TE when it is available at retail price.

Also i made sure i read EVERYTHING before i decided to post. But it seems there isn’t information on what choices people like me have who want a stick ASAP. Waiting 6 weeks is pretty difficult time frame to swallow.

I’ll even pay someone via paypal like 10$ or something if they would be my guide on a lot of this stuff.

Hi. I’m new to this forum as well and I’ll let you know that they can be tough if you start new threads like this. You’re better off posting something like this in an existing stick thread. You may even get negative rep if you do it too often. My advice is to be patient and keep waiting for late march-April. Mad Catz has promised more TE sticks and it’s supposedly the best stick not to mention it’s a second production run so all kinks should be worked out. HRAPs are all sold out…everywhere. I was fortunate to get one before retailers started jacking up prices. If you’re lucky, keep refreshing Amazon’s page for the HRAP EX every 5 minutes and you just might see some for original price of $129.99 but that happened yesterday and they sold out in seconds, literally. You can’t even find Hori EX2 or Fightsticks anywhere. Rumor is that Hori already discontinued the HRAP EX and HRAP 3 to take their designs back to the drawing board since Mad Catz schooled them with a new product on their veteran turf. Whatever your decision, good luck.

Keep in mind that even if you do overpay for a stick on eBay, you can’t expect to get in Sanwa parts quickly since all of the well known shops are stuffed with orders. Unless you want to overpay for those parts on eBay as well :).

Unless price really doesn’t matter in which case you pay like $400+ and get the TE with all Sanwa parts.

Too true… still may be an option!

For the price of a TE on eBay you could get a 1off custom from the trading outlet.

Huge balls…why didn’t I think of that username? Is Big Dick taken? LMAO.

Good advice! Thanks!

I didn’t see a lot of those on the traiding outlet. I saw mostly people who wanted to build custom ones (take 6 weeks).

If you had your choice you’d take a custom 1off over a TE?

I would suggest getting a custom stick or getting a hori ex or something. Don’t go for the TE at all on ebay since a lot of them are coming broken and not working so don’t take your chances, especially with the prices right now.

all the custom sticks i’m seeing are ones that are taking 6 weeks to build/send. maybe i’m looking in the wrong place?

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No your in the right place. It takes some time to build a custom stick. & these guys prolly have regular jobs & lives to keep up with. No matter what you are going to have to wait awile for a stick. Customs are vastly superior to any retail stick out there. People are woo crazy for the TE cuz it is the first US retail stick to use JAP parts & not suck. A custom will last a lifetime & is built to your specific requirements. If you plan on playing for a few years & mayn’t going to some tournaments get a custom. If you are going to quit SF4 after a few months any stick will do.

I just bought some components for a custom stick off of lizardlick - I immediately called them up after placing the order to see when they would be able to ship.
Seems that they plan to get all caught up this weekend, so they aren’t as backed up as you might suspect.

To the OP - I’m in the exact same boat, here’s some suggesting that I myself have been contemplating;

Buy an HRAP Ex from ebay for roughly $200, there’s plenty of buy-it-now out there, drop another $50 or so on new sanwa components, and install them yourself. There are plenty of resources on this site to help you thru the process, also check out - he covers all the parts and would give you an idea of the part number you should be ordering from lizardlick.

I was fortunate enough to find some dudes locally that would be able to supply a custom case, as they have made themselves sticks in the past. You should at least make a solid effort to find a local SF community near you, chances are good you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Good luck!

If you guys are buying sticks just for the cases and swapping sanwa parts in don’t pay for $200 sticks. Thats just retarded. You can buy a cheap $50 stick and swap sanwa parts in. Theres no reason to buy a $200 stick just for the casing.

Best route right now would probably be to buy a hori ex2 and swap sanwa parts into that(requires a bit of modding though).

The cheapest and probably most easy to find route would be buying a Hori Wii stick and modding that to whatever console you use.

If you plan on swapping parts in don’t pay ridiculous prices just for the case.

so what i’m hearing from everyone is if i’m going to switch parts out and by a retail stick i might as well get a cheap case. Everyone here seems to recommend get a custom stick if i plan on playing this hardcore for a while (which i do) even though it will take weeks to get here it’s worth it if i’m gonna play hardcore.

:rofl: Well said!

If you have the skills then I suggest you build your own. If you don’t but have money to spare then buy a custom. If you can wait and would like to save some money then wait until the 2nd production run of the Madcatz SE sticks and swap out the parts with Sanwa parts. Or buy a TE stick if you can find one once the 2nd production run comes out.

Get a custom off of the trading outlet. You can probably get ‘your dream stick’ for less than you’d expect.