Could use some assistance

Hey, new here, but I joined just so I could ask this question. Pretty long winded, so bear with me…

I have just gotten into Marvel vs Capcom, I played the 2nd one as a child, but never really was all that into it (basically button mashed, didn’t know about assists, etc.) and I picked up UMVC3. I haven’t played online at all yet, sometime I have trouble against the computer, but that’s a different story. I usually just play against my friends, and this is where I come up against problems. My friend, (let’s call him “Dick” in this instance) uses a team consisting of: Haggar on point, Ghost Rider second, and Amaterasu 3rd. He mashes. Hard. I would consider myself on the lower side of average on skill level, but if I play without a handicap on him, I usually win.

So Dick refuses to play unless I have a handicap of one star enabled. It’s almost impossible to win this way for me, and I’d like some help on strategies. I have two main teams I use, since I don’t really know about synergy and all that I basically just chose guys I like to use. Team 1: Deadpool, Chris, and Captain America. Team 2: Vergil, Dante, and Captain America (again). I usually sit back and try to shoot his haggar at the beginning, so he super jumps and just uses the pipe when he gets on the ground, then mashes heavy and if he hits with the pipe, haggar apparently has super easy combos so I die instantly… Once I kill Haggar, ghost rider is even more annoying, since he just mashes forward+heavy for an easy two hit combo that covers like full screen. Amaterasu is again just forward heavy spam, and I usually try to pushblock the last hit of the ghost rider/ammie spam so I can build distance, because he mashes forward heavy if he gets too close he gets a free grab on me.

I would just really like to win with a one star handicap because it would be so f*cking hilarious. Any tips from anyone on how to counter things like what I described? And also, any team building tips for a novice as well, and maybe ratings for my current team?


Fuck that Dick friend of yours. What a wuss. If he can’t beat you on even (health) terms, then he sucks dick. Find a new training partner.

lol he sounds like a massive dick alright

Some tips for team building. Off the list of characters you have I’ll recommend Cap/Dante(with Weasel Shot)/Deadpool (with Quickwork) or Chris (with gunshot). Good luck!

Stop playing with that guy. He’s an idiot.

Its Haggar, any character you have with a good projectile is a free win. Pick Hawkeye,…sit back and arrow all day. Use Deadpool, throw pineapple bombs during keep away and then use your down forward pistols in the air. Shit, even pick Magneto and disruptor all day. There is to many ways to say, how to get rid of Haggar. Ghost Rider? Basically the same thing. Just do not get in range of his jumping H.

It also sounds like there is a lot of “mashing” going on. If you guys are just playing at this level and not really getting to the meat and potatoes of the game, Id say fuck it and just enjoy your self.

Alright thanks guys. Also, there’s not really an option to play with anyone else because none of my friends like fighting games, basically it’s call of duty or nothing, and I’d like to try and get better before I step into online mode.

There’s basically only mashing going on on his side. I know how to do combos, they may not be super hard to execute, but the closest I ever get to mashing is when I start throwing deadpool’s pistols out multiple times in a row. He barely even knows how to do special moves.

Also, it’s not just the fact that I have low health compared to him that’s the issue, its that I can’t deal with the spam very well. I have another friend who doesn’t insist on the health difference, but if you can believe it, he’s “better” at mashing. He usually goes Wesker, his second character switches between Rocket Raccoon and sometimes like Vergil or something, and he always closes with Amaterasu, and he mashes forward gunshot with Wesker, which also results in the crossup teleport, and the worst is when he pulls out Ammy and does the same thing I mentioned above with mashing forward H. I’d like to say he’s never won a match against me before, but I’d be lying if I said he hadn’t… My main question is, how do I deal with ammy’s like 5 hit string resulting off of forward heavy, because it doesn’t seem to be punishable?

Couple things. Does the handicap lessen your health or your damage output(Ive never used it and neither should you because it is stupid.)? Im wondering what your mashing friend is doing with haggar that makes you think he is so easy to play. Of course if the handicap lessens your health I can see the most simple pipe follow up killing people. If all he does is jump and pipe, you can shoot up with deadpool or pineapple bomb like previously mentioned. I would also think about moving cap to your point character and jump back and throw your shield, a bad haggar will inevitably jump into it which leaves the chance to follow up for a big combo. Against GR, your team seems well equipped to just lame him out with projectiles or you can teleport behind him once he sticks his chain out with the other team. When dealing with a mashing ammy, I find it useful to push block the 4th :f::h: and follow it up with something like a slide to punish when they stick the 5th hit out and whiff. Also, if they are air dashing in with ammy, they are unable to block during the airdash and if they dont know what they are doing, can be punished pretty easily with your team.

He doesn’t even know Ammy has an airdash, and I’m not about to tell him…

And usually by the time he pulls ghost rider out, I’m on only cap and have nothing except his shield, which gets completely blocked by his hellspike or whatever its called. The handicap lessens your health, to the point where taking one full rep of Ammy’s forward H string kills a healthy character. I’ve always thought about having cap on front, but he’s my best character and I’ve always been able to clutch before with him in other matches, I’ll try him out up front to see how it goes. Deadpool’s slide would be good for the 5th hit, right? Thanks!

I’m not saying Haggar is easy to play, I’m saying he does so much freaking damage (with the handicap so high) that I get killed in like one pipe plus the easy follow up that comes from the ground bounce.

EDIT: Also, I’ve been thinking of changing Strider in for one of my characters solely for his teleport assist, which would be fantastic for his jumping Haggar, but since I’m not really good with strider and he has such low health, that might be a terrible idea too…

Deadpool should work just fine with his slide but really you just need an attack that will reach the distance you pushed them and comes out somewhat fast. I also think strider assist would ruin your friend’s day but with the handicap he will die way too fast.
I used to play Taskmaster as my anchor in vanilla because I could turn some pretty grim situations around with the help of xf. Eventually I got tired of the inconsistency of the last ditch effort to squeak a win out and built a team around task and was much happier. Moving Cap to point gets rid of using him with xf3 but you gain the help of assists which will increase his damage and make it easier to open people up. If you absolutely want to kill a certain character, you can always use xf1 in a combo to kill. This seems to be a good option in my opinion, especially if you are thinking of strider and know you are weak with him. That way, your first 2 characters should be so strong enough that if strider comes out you know that you have already likely lost. Of course, your end goal should be to get better with all of your characters but sticking cap(your best) on point will force you to play better with him instead of relying on a gimmick like xf3.

Gotcha. I’ll test Cap out up front to see how I feel about him, and also I’ve thought a little bit and dante’s jam session (i think that’s what it’s called) would be pretty good for jump ins, and I’m also decent with dante as well. I’ll try with Strider too, to see which one I like better. Thanks!

I try to avoid online play as much as I can, buuuuuuuuuuuuut if my friends were dicks like that Dick friend of yours, I’d play online all day.

Alright so I’ve made some huuuuuuge changes to my team, and to my playstyle, so I’d like to hear what you guys think about them.

First off, I’ve switched Cap to my point character, and deadpool to my anchor. Deadpool’s probably not the best anchor I could use, but I’m pretty decent with him too and his guns are great for keeping non-teleporting characters out.

I’ve switched Chris for Dormammu, mainly because I’ve always been pretty awful with Chris (I never had any confidence with him in close, and since my friend only rushes I’d get blown up. 'Cept for Ghost rider but by that point Haggar had probably already killed him). Now with Dorm’s purification towers and fullscreen instant hyper, along with his wallbouncing projectile and flame carpet, and crazy meteor spewing awesomeness, I think I probably made the right choice.

Also, I almost never remember to use assists, because this is really the first tag team fighting game I’ve played. I’ve tried to remember to use assists way more often now, but I feel like with the handicap that high it’s so risky because taking 50% extra or whatever assists take combined with that low health isn’t worth it. Also, the assists I used to run were: Captain america (Charging star), Chris (Grenade toss) and Deadpool (Quick work).
Now I’ve switched to: Cap (shield slash), Dorm (Purification), Deadpool (Quick work).

All these changes seem like they would work or not?

Can’t you just play online instead of this half a what a cha callit?

…never thought I’d say that D:

Lol I finally won. Like 3 times in a row. Thanks for the advice, I’m gonna try moving onto online since my friend probably wont play me anymore since I beat his pasty ass every single time…

Don’t worry about playing online either. Between input lag, people who disconnect if they lose, and just online play in general it’s pretty bad. Yes it is practice so it is not the worst thing in the world but if you give more than 1/8th of a fuck about ranks or shit online in UMvC3 you’re fucking crazy. Too many gimmicks and some things that you have no control over to give a shit about online play. Find some people on here to play with or add people who don’t rely on 1 tactic or 1 hitch/gimmick to win them the game so you can get some half decent practice.

What aaron said if you want practice find some people on here to add and do player matches with them ranked is frustrating with the amount of lag and if you play on xbox and if you want you can add me need to practice my doom