Could Use Some Practice

Hey folks,

I’ve been using Cammy as my main in SF4 (although ironically, didn’t like her in any other fighting game) and thought I was okay with her back when the game came out. I was playing less though over the winter but all the new info on SSF4 has me pumped up for the game again. Even went as far as getting a TE Stick.

Here’s the rub though - I know I’m worse than I was at this game a year ago. Furthermore, as the TE Stick makes certain moves a dream, like TKCS and Hooligan, but really bad at a lot of other stuff. It’s also the first time I’ve used a stick for any SF (console warrior all the way).

I’m reading a lot of the beginner strat threads around here, as well as the really useful ‘how to use a stick thread’. The only other thing I can think of asking for is a few matchups. Playing online against randoms is fine and all, but sometimes I just want to ‘train’ and not in training mode. Figured it’d better to ask here than anywhere else.

Thanks to anyone who wants to get a few friendly rounds in.

(Oh, I only have the 360 one, so keep that in mind)

You could possibly play in Player matches. You can play the person again if you feel that he’s a decent sparring partner or leave if he/she isn’t. And I think G1 and SG people might play Player Matches since its more populated than Championship

I’m a SoCal Cammy player who can use Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Fei Long (new!), Sakura, Guile, Dhalsim, Dan, and Gen. Send me a message on XBL and I’ll make room on my friends list.



I’m a reasonable Cammy player that can use Ryu & Akuma a bit (gotta love shotos! lol), and I dabble occassionally with Rufus & Guile. I’ve also started using Viper recently as I reckon she’ll be a good character to help improve my execution. So depending on your level it might be a good learning match-up for both of us? I’ve played over 2,500 matches online with Cammy (which I’m sure isn’t as many as some!), so hopefully I’ll be able to depart with some knowledge.

Feel free to send me a friend request, I’ve got a bit of space on my list.