Could Virtua Stick High Grade work on Winkawas?

i got one a few days ago, since i found it worked perfectly on ps3, to PC, it can also work fine as well on MAME, when i try it on Winkawas, i found only the bottons can be identified, not the joystick, why? can this problem be solved? any recommendation would be appreciated.

IIRC Windows recognizes the joystick as a POV Hat, you can use Joy2Key (google it) to map the directions to keys and use those.

fallot, thanks for ur quick reply, and my OS is winxp, can this Joy2key work on that, actually i downloaded one but have no idea how to use it

and theres another question, wots the model of both SANWA joystick and button that use on VSHG?

JLF-TP-8Y-SK is the joystick, and the buttons are OBSF-30s for the buttons. The start button is an OBSF-24

i found that JLF-TP-8Y-SK doesnt fit me, id prefer LS-32, can VSHG easily be modded with that stick? thanks.

Easily? No.