Could we form a compilation of armored/invincible moves?

Topic. I would like to know this sooner than later so I’m not, say, afraid to meaty a character with no invincible options on my 10th match against that character. I personally do not know who’s got what, other than Laura and R Mika having armored moves which activate later than frame 1 (IE you can meaty them or throw them but otherwise they’ll armor through your attack). Anyone know the score? Not counting Critical Arts unless there’s something special, I assume the vast majority of Critical Arts are invincible. I will update OP as info gets put out.

Ryu: some versions of Shoryuken are invincible?
Ken: some versions of Shoryuken are invincible?
Chun Li: EX Spinning Bird Kick invincible?
Necalli: HP and EX Shoryuken invincible?
R Mika: EX Shooting Peach armored after frame 1
Laura: EX Bolt Charge armored after frame 1
Cammy: some versions of Cannon Spike? Also apparently Super is safe on block if there’s room behind the opponent?

Thank you for any info.