Could we get a way to turn off Pandora

It is useless, a suicide button. Some times I do it when trying to do a Cross Assault/Art and it just a free round to my rival. Im ok if people want to use it, but it has only negative effects.

I have never accidentally done it. You need to get your execution up to par. QCF is the easiest motion in the game.

It’s not useless. I can see situations where it can be handy.


stupid thread
stupid complaint

i"m gonna have to say that even though I never find places to use it, I don’t think it’s a useless mechanic. People have been able to use it right. Also not sure how you are getting that execution wrong, Pandora is Down, Down, mp/mk. The other’s are QCF motions, so you should really work on that.

Maybe instead of having the game patched for you, you could just learn how to a QCF without somehow hitting down twice?

You must have the worst execution in the history of fighting games. How the hell does that even happen?

In reality, it is a poor system though. Super animations take quite a bit of time, you only have 8 seconds when you activate pandora. The clock runs normally not abnormally slow like SF4, so the whole infinite bar thing is kinda a small benefit, you could use it for EX’s I guess and the damage boost, but if you’re that far behind in a match your opponent will just probably run the hell away.

I think the focus of wanting to remove it is so you don’t do it by accident which is what I hear a lot of people complaining about when they wanna do a cross assault they get pandora instead.


I’ve never activated Pandora by mistake. The quick combos have come out a few times though. Really annoying.

game is still young could be interesting to see top players at evo possibly use it to add to the hype !! Isnt as devastaing as x factor and has downside if used incorrectly. work on inputs!!

I think it should be buffed so it stops the clock during the startup.

Just curious, how do you “accidentally” activate it? It’s not a shortcut issue is it? I mean i haven’t had it happen to me yet, and i’m just wondering other than trying to mash something out how it would happen.

I don’t really like it either, but then again, the full uses of it hasn’t been really discovered yet i don’t think it might turn out to be something really powerful. shrugs

You just need one QCF to do Cross Art. How are you hitting Pandora by accident? lol

Unless you’re crouching and then go neutral and start from downward position mashing MP+MK into forward MP+MK once again, I don’t see how you’re doing it by accident.

TL;DR: Stop mashing.


I can’t breathe.

stop mashing

Off the top of my head, the only possible “deliberate” series of inputs (during match play) I can think of that could accidentally trigger pandora would be pump-faking a fireball and then raw tagging, and that is already a pretty big stretch.


Didn’t say it happens to me, my problem with inputs is getting a launcher after pressing :hp::hk: and cancelling it into a :hp: or :hk: special, the launcher seems to take priority. But I’ve seen several people complaining about the pandora accidental activation. Only reason I could think of why they wouldn’t want it.