Could we get some character-specific endings in this game?

Don’t get lazy Capcom! I know it’s tough to tie in a story that consists of Dan fighting Thanos, but at least make an attempt!


I hope so too.

Rumors already being spread that this game will have a cast list that will surpass MvC2. If so, chances are Capcom’s not going to bother making CS-E’s for everyone. We’ll probably get some crappy, generic ending like MvC2’s.

lawl please no. I rather have capcom use the time to make endings to prevent extreme tier rankings.

I never cared for stories in fighting games anyway… that is why I play RPG games for that.

well its to late they have ending this time as said by seth-kill in the kotaku link here so hello to that true believers

I hope so as well. XvS, MvS and MvC all had really cool and amusing endings. Now TvC had some GREAT endings and I would love for them to in that direction.

Or they could just go the CFJ comic book ending route. I definitely could go for that.

with all the characters supposedly this game is gonna have i really doubt this will happen, that would be really expensive and require a lot of disc space

They said the characters were thirty plus, because of time constraints. That sounds like its gonna be less than MvC2, actually.

Oh hell yeah hype just went through the roof.

What would the writers be doing preventing extreme tier rankings?

And how many RPGs do you play with Ryu and Chun-Li in? Sure Final Fantasy is fun, but they just don’t have Ryu and Chun-Li…

Could we get you to read the goddamn rules?