Could we make a Tourney Thread

I do not spend much time in the tourney section, but when I do I find it hard to actually find tourneys with TvC in them. (I know I am only looking for the southern region but it is still hard to find them) I was thinking that we could have a thread where we post up links to tourneys all around the world to help others out more. Where ever you miht find it, post it up. Online tourney on Destructiod? Post it up. Smash Tourney holding TvC also? Post it up. You get what I am saying, EVO just announced it so people will be adding it to thier list of games over the next 3 months but for now this might help. If there is no need for it he just delete the thread or tell me to. Thanks for the help and support!

Support Dat Tat!

That sounds really nice. I’m in the DC area, I’ll post anything I hear going on around here.

Is there any future for online tournaments for the game? I know the online isn’t perfect but I would like to think that the idea of it wouldn’t just be laughed at like Brawl was.

here’s an online one, you need to sign up tho…

Dude what the hell are you talking about??? Just because you and your friends and SRk laugh at brawl online tourneys does not mean that it is not serious. YOu see that link Lcampoy just put up? All is brawl is only up and going because GAMEBATTLES is the shit!!




Who is laughing at 750 dollars for 3rd place when you do not have to leave your house? Stupid people that is who!! Very stupid people.

Thanks for the link man, I did not think all is brawl would be on it like this!!

I don’t laugh at Brawl tournaments. I laugh at Brawl’s online, and I wasn’t the only one who did so at Brawl’s launch. I’ve only had TvC since launch and i’ve already had a more enjoyable with its online than I did with over a year’s worth of Brawl’s online. Congrats to Flip and CO18 for making miracles happen and getting a connection that smooth.

^ Are you dense or dumb? $750 for 3rd means that there was more for 1sth and 2nd. Now how the hell is that possiable if only 2 people made a miracle happen. Stay away from topics trying to go somewhere because you have no knowledge of much of anything and your stoopid posts will push people in your direction, since facts are lost on the web

You’re such a bad poster.

Is it just me or is everybody else clueless on what the hell he’s trying to say to me?

All I said was that Brawl’s online is bad (which it is), and all of a sudden I get online tournament videos shoved at me like they’re supposed to be undeniable proof that Brawl’s online is great and that I should feel bad for even thinking that Brawl’s online is bad.

and before I forget, thanks for that link LCampoy8.

no, it’s not just you, this guy’s on like a whole other level, I have no idea what he’s on about.

We have a tournament subforum. This subforum is for tatsunoko vs capcom strategy discussion.