Could you get by without Rc'ing(in a rolling groove)?

Last I heard Iyo(famous japanese player) doesn’t Rc and he can still hold his own. That was a while ago when I read that so he may have changed his mind.

ofcourse tyou can get by, S, P and K groove are all still played… not as much as the others but K is a favorite among ppl… and Ino (k-beast) won evo2k3 finals vs daigo(mr. guile rc sonic boomer) soo…

btw, it was an interview with Ino and they asked if hes up against RCs and he just said: YE i can counter it

or something like that… you dont need to rc… it just sometimes helps your game…

but RC is funny coz only a number or things should be RCed… like

running moves hibikis slash, maki running
forward moving moves iori rekka, sakura hurricane, E. hondas headbutt
sometimes fireballs guile sonic boom, perhaps sagats low fireball? dunno
and moves to make it safe ofcourse sakura fireball, kyo rekka…

all that kinda stuff… it aint THAT much if you think about it… and some ppl dont even need RC like rolento… although he is a bit safer when you RC with him or so ive read… like his knife… idunno i dont play him hardcore… just sometimes for fun

can you get by? yes. but take it from someone who used to play guile without rc sonic boom, learning is well worth it. some characters become monsters thanks to rc. guile and honda are perfect examples. they’re great without it, but with it they go to another level.

I play K groove, and occasionally play C groove (non RC) and I still do good in those 2 grooves (K better than C) but You dont need RC to win, look at Justin Wong at Evo 2K3, he didn’t RC, he just learned to RC a month or so ago ( I talk to him often so I know)

Just think of RC as a stunt double for an actor, You can be a good actor without one. (sorry, couldn’t think of a better analogy)

Also touching on what Random Super said, RC supplements a character’s ability to perform, and he supplied 2 excellent examples of how RC makes a character better (guile and Honda) (I play Guile in C, and trust me, I had times where I wished I knew how to RC)