Could you please disable autoembed on youtube links?


When there’s a big video dump or multiple dumps in a video thread, it can make browsers crawl and it doesn’t allow for linking to specific times in the videos, which you have to find workarounds to do that.

Example VF5FS Stream/ Match/ Combo Video thread


You created the topic. Also, it doesn’t affect the browser unless you decide to play all of those videos at the same time.


Maybe for you people with your new-fangled computers. For someone like me with a relic, going through vid-dumps, even if they’re not playing, causes browser crashes.


I wonder how it affects people on mobile or tablets


From a moderator point of view, it’s kind of confusing that there’s an infraction for image and video quoting but the system itself violates it.


Yeah it’s pretty bad. I’ve had it crash Firefox’s flash plugin just looking at certain video threads


Youtube embed also automatically strips out time marks.

There is, of course, a workaround…though I’m not sure how I managed it…