Could You Resize A Gif For Me?

I just need some assistance resizing a gif. Everytime I try it… I just end up screwing it up completely. It’s about 5.5mbs or so and I’d like to chop it down more without compromising the quality as best can be done. I can upload it freely from there.

My AIM is Lone Hiryu Saga. If anyone is interested, I’ll just send you the frames and go from there.

So nobody can help me?


Show Me The Money!!

Greedy ho.

At least I’m not lookin for a handout, Mr. Welfare.


And requesting for free avatars here isn’t pretty much the same thing?

Suck your own dick elsewhere. Move it along if you’re going to be a useless jackass.

I’m just giving your thread some activity, no one seemed to give a shit about it before me. :slight_smile:

I hate all of you that criticize me with neutral attitudes.

It makes me feel like a jackass for flaming you. :sad:

Anybody else with experience in gifs care to give it a try?

I’d ask OC personally but he’s usually swamped and TG already tried, but it isn’t exactly being cooperative. :bluu:

i´m still waiting for you to send it

It’s about 185 frames, man.

Do you know how long that’ll take? :sad:

You sure you don’t have AIM? Or MSN? Even Yahoo? I’ll redownload Yahoo if I have to.

put them in a zip file

upload to

post the link here

or or or google free uploading

this is the best i could do :confused:


MAGNIFICENT KO DG. I fucking owe you. How the HELL did you do that?!

What programs do you use anyway? I’m getting sick and tired of my old tempermental ass Jasc Animation. I can’t even resize frames without it freezing my damn computer.

I’m tired of this shit.

i used abode imageready, comes with photoshop

but yeah, since it was just paper with writing, cutting down the colors on it didnt really make a different but it helped the file size a lot.