Couldnt find anywhere, what is a TK?

sorry if this has been posted somewhere, i just couldnt find it
but what exactly is a TK? in ryu’s combo thread people mention a TK’d hurricane kick, what is this? thanks

its tiger knee motion. it would be 2,3,6,9. its like qcf, uf. when you do it, the character will super jump, but if you time it right, they will immediately cancel into their move. so with ryu, you can make combos like, a, a, b, cr.b, c, f.c, hadouken, baroque, tk hurricane kick, a, a, b, cr, b, c, f.c, hadouken, shinku, connect.

in other games, you obviously wont always super jump. its just a way to do an air attack move faster, you could say. so instead of trying to jump, and then do the hurricane kick, you do it all in one tk motion, which makes it come out so fast, you dont even really see the jump when you do it right, but it connects like an air hurricane kick

know what im sayin?

ah ok, thanks a lot man