Couldn't really find a place for this question so

I’m trying to find out which version of CvS2 is used for tournament play.I’ve just recently decided to branch out from SF3S and don’t want to end up with the wrong game.From what I have read I DO NOT want the EO version so is this the version I’m looking for?

DC and PS2 are both used so that would work fine. I think EVO uses the PS2 version.

PS2 and DC versions are both fine for tournament practice.

EO is shit, and XBOX doesn’t have RC.

Much appreciated,and rather speedy at that.

Usually you can find which versions are used at Evolution on the Shoryuken Wiki

You’ll notice that the DC used to be standard in the earlier Evo tournaments, but now most of the games are played on PS2 due to their closeness to their arcade counterparts.

Not really. It’s more due to the reliability and availability of PS2’s in comparison to dreamcasts.

The game is better without roll cancels in my opinion.

Also note that CVS2 for DC was never released outside Japan.

Evo Staff would have to acquire Jap DC and versions of the game to officially run it.

Xbox version IS EO.

And its not shit, its just rebalanced a bit. Its not exactly what the ‘scene’ is used to. In my opinion, its actually a much better game without RCs, with an improved P and S grooves, and all the other small balance tweaks the game got.

But, if you want to practice to compete, the scene plays the old revision, so you do need PS2 or DC versions to practice on. But people that say EO is shit are just blind to the differences and fixes, or love RCing so much that playing without it might be crippling to them.

No, it is shit. RC makes certain characters playable. Without it, they suck. P-groove is over powered in EO with added super cancels + the damage boost. And A-groove is brain dead because you get jump in attack wait for reaction and activate for free. None of that stuff needed to be added.

I’m amazed this isn’t common knowledge already.

Also, PS2 CvS2 is slightly closer to the normal arcade speed. DC CvS2 plays a tad slower.

but the arcade machines themselves sometimes run at different speeds, so it’s hard to go by that.

Who cares? All the Alpha 3 characters Capcom straight-up MUGEN’d into CvS2 are still dominant.

Roll Cancelling definitely helped alot of characters, and you can see some uber roll cancelling with Hibiki, but it doesn’t matter which version you play, cuz Vega, Sagat and Blanka are still gonna getcha.

I think you are in league with diifii. A pro EO post and this review in the same day? :wtf:

God, your scrubiness exposes itself like a pair of titties at a nudy bar. Sagat and Blanka CAN be beat. Thanks to RC, that helped the game out a lot.

And if anything, A-groove is what’s going to get you. And it’s funny that you left out Sakura and Dictator. A lot of characters are a lot more formidable than you think.

what alpha 3 characters are “mugen’d” up?

what the fuck is that supposed to mean?
are you one of those people who ONLY have EO, and are trying to then justify why the game sucks donkey scrotum on the xbox and gamecube?

I didn’t say that Sagat or Blanka were BROKEN. I love CvS2. But you simply can’t deny that pretty much every tourney winner has at least Blanka or Vega.

And yeah, we all know that A-Groove Sakura is going to shoryuken x 50 into guard crush like nothing, but I didn’t feel like typing that “oh, Blanka, Sagat and Vega are gonna get you, unless of course you’re in the A groove in which case typically Sagat gets substituted for Sakura, but if you’re in the N Groove, Hibiki is also a good character and etc. etc. etc” I’m not gonna sit here and tpye every single different high-tier team for each groove and how they play out and all that.

But yeah, I frickin play as Rock, Iori and Ken…so I’m definitely not trying to make the case that those three I initially mentioned are unbeatable.

Don’t get so defensive, yo.

Nope, I ended up with CvS2 on PS2, Xbox and the Cube and I love the PS2 and Xbox versions.

And by “MUGEN’d” I just meant to point out all the characters who just so happen to be directly taken from Alpha 3.

like whom? i don’t recall any of the alpha characters playing like their alpha counterparts…

sakura? guile? rolento? none play almost anything alike… now, if you mean, sprites…

well that’s no big surprise there… capcom’s beend oing that since sf2l;

Yeah, I didn’t mean the actual play-style. I’ve played enough A3 and CvS2 to know that the same intricacies don’t carry over. I probably should’ve elaborated futher x.x

Er…I’ve heard of the EO version…but never saw it in action. So…what’s so bad about it?? Just curious.