Countdown to: "Queen of Noobs 2" The noobiest Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament in GGPO histor


Friday October 26th, 8 AM Pacific 16:00 GMT

Anyone is free to join and register.


Awesome. Can’t wait to hop on and talk to Serg and the General again. Awesome guys.

If I can get Millertime to join, I think she’ll win it. She’s been pretty excited to be the actual Queen of Noobs, on GGPO, LOL.


They really ought to do more to advertise these tournaments. I haven’t heard a thing about it until you posted it.


yeah, they need a PR, any volunteers? :slight_smile:


they seem really cool from the youtube video… but why 8am…


What? Just have them post on the forums and Socal ST facebook site. It takes like…5 minutes.

They’re pretty cool guys, but I also wonder why they chose 8am. My girl really wants to participate in this, but goddamn, 8am? We got shit to do.




I can’t wait.


congrats millertime


Congratz Millertime. I think you may be banned from future tournaments, but hey, you are the true Queen of Noobs, lol. I wonder if they’re ever going to do a “Queen of Noobs” invitational, where they invite all the champions to play a tourney together.


Thanks Guys :slight_smile: And yeah, eltrouble they are thinking of doing a queen of Noobs Invitational in 6 months…lol I will win that too!
By the way I want to set up a GGPO match against the first winner to see who the real Queen is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy shit, you’re actually posting!

Well, so far your only competition for the QoN thing is Wadeoc. He’s a pretty solid shoto player, but I think you might catch him off guard with all them sneaky Honda tricks. That, and you have access to a LOT of shoto players here in socal, so there’s no reason why you can’t practice that matchup.

Just beware of Papercut. He might just sandbag the next QoN tournament under a different name, and then suddenly bring out his Hawk during the Invitationals, lol.




srsly doe. How much more awsoem can this chick be. her name is** MILLER** TIME for Christs sake! How much further do we have to go then that lol. Then, if that wasn’t enough, she WINS queen of noobs AND supports Eugenes ST addiction AND his village people membership !!!

any st player that has a gf/wifey knows what the fuck im talking about


yes im jealous so what>:(

edit: eugene is the cop FTW


I wanna enter with cammy lol. 8am though, these guys are europeans?


Dude, they’re from west LA. LOL. And I’m pretty sure you’re not a noob, and even with Cammy, you’d still win.


Goddamn. You just inflated Millertime’s ego by x10. She’s walking around the house and looking at me like I’m shit now, thanks to you, lol.

Actually, if anything, she’s starting to get more addicted to ST. She’s usually the one asking me to play with HER on HDR classic to practice. I’m pretty sure we’ve played Guile v. Honda for about 10+ hours this past week alone.

And is anybody else disturbed by the thought that Djfrijoles spends his time looking up Village People videos and imagining me in a cop costume dancing for him? shivers


Well, she is the exception to the rule ( girls dont play ST) plus she seems to be very cool, unlike certain other exception ( cough “C” cough “G”) I guess u r lucky for she choosing u to be her BF.

Well, as the youtube’s top comment remarks: “people say Village People is gay… Gay people made Village People their gay pride”


True true. We’re lucky in LA to have 2 girls who play ST. That’s 2 more than like…any other ST scene on the planet outside of Japan, lol. Even then, I’ve only seen a few women play ST in random videos out of Japan.

So much hate for CigarGirl, lol. Actually, a few guys on youtube actually thought she was Cigargirl, just because of the fact that…well…she’s a girl playing ST, lol.

Oh, believe me, it’s not like she fell in love with SF the second she saw it. She actually hated it for a LONG time back when I casually played SF4. She didn’t really understand it. She just thought it was button-mashing, etc etc etc. Once I actually took the time and sat down with her and taught her about the STRATEGY in the game, she really started to get into it. I think it helps that she was always into video games and competitive sports, so she took to SF4 pretty naturally. Now that I’ve taught her the basics, and taught her how to think and analyze for herself, she’s really just taken off and started to improve gradually at her own pace without me giving much input.

I’m pretty sure if you give me anyone who’s willing to learn the game, and give me some time, I can teach anyone the basics.


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