Countdown to Season 2 Starts Now!

Time to get hyped up for Season 2. It’s coming VERY SOON! I’ll be ‘leaking’ the details here over the next couple days. Post and show some love and support! Let’s get hype people!

Event Rules:

We will continue the normal pool play to tournament format. Pool Play Schedules will posted here and on the website (Yeah it’s going to come back! And better than ever! We’ll leave that to be a mysterious temptation for now.). Every match is played to the best 2 of 3 games. Each game is best 2 of 3 rounds with standard timing. Akuma is banned from any event granting league points. In casual events Akuma will be a possibility depending on the nature of the event.

Pool Play Results MUST BE REPORTED. This was a huge problem last season. People should fill out the provided spreadsheet and e-mail that back to the league’s e-mail address. Failure to do so once will get you a warning. Failure to do so twice will result in suspension. PERIOD. Pool Play Results will be tabbed the next Morning and the Tournament Bracket will be released.

This season we will implment on an online signup that must be done EVERY WEEK for the next week’s event(s). There will be a strict cut off time where we will close signups. No more late arrivals. No more last minute bracketing, I’m not going to do it because one it gives me acid reflux and two it makes me cranky which makes my wife cranky which makes me 10X more cranky. Failure to show up after you have signed up without a legit excuse will result in suspension. No questions asked. One thing that people kept coming back to during this entire series was how much confusion drops caused. We’re not going to have that problem this season.

We will continue to record matches. SP is clearly on board and is excited as you can tell by his post below and some of his other posts elsewhere. If we’re lucky maybe Alex will have his camera fixed and we may have three recorders. I am going to try to build my own recording set up but I may not have the funds until early next year for a reason I will also be disclosing later that will be of interest to the league and its future. Salivate, question, gossip, create a rumor mill, season 2 is going to be awesome! WWL IS BACK BABY!

First event of the season!

To get this season started on the right foot, and to buy a little more time for our new web designer who is slaving away as we speak, we’re going to open up this season on Friday December 11, 2009. Now you may be asking, “Rain? Pools on Friday?” No sir! We’re going to open up our season with an open tournament! That’s right you heard it here first. Season 2 is going to start off with a big bang and hopefully a big showing from our Season 1 players! We’re going to start at 9:30 EST on Friday December 11. The tournament will be double elimination and as many people who want to play can. SIGN UP HERE WITH A POST!

Pool Play Rules: Revised

Second announcement will be on pool play. We’re still going to have pool play work the same way we did last season. Schedules will be posted for each pool, its you’re job to show up on time according to your timezone and play your matches and then report your results appropriately. HOWEVER, in order to increase overall player output, we’re going to have a ‘roaming’ pool. This is a pool that will not meet at a regular time but will play its matches throughout the week. The roaming pool will start on Wednesdays and must have its matches concluded by the next Monday and have results reported. Now, since we’re going to have a weekly signup (and hopefully as many people would say they were going to play then no show with no announcment… yeah you know who you are!) hopefully people will be willing to go fill out a 15 second form and be filled in. Now with weekly signups if you know for some reason something will come up and you can’t do your normal pool time, do the roaming pool one week! If you can’t do the normal pool times at all but want to be involved (and can do weekly tournament times…) sign up for the roaming pool. There was some controversy amongst players as to how best to schedule and I think we’ll split the difference. My hope is that most people will do regular pool times but hopefully a roaming pool will help bring in some players who otherwise might not be able to go.

That’s all the announcments for now! Be warned, Season 2 only gets better from here!

Special Events!

That’s right. This season we’re going to have more special events and they’re going to be bigger and better than ever! I’m happy to say that Freaky Friday was a huge success last season and because of popular demand it will definetly make a come back. Point scoring with these events however did get wacky. So people will recieve one league point for participating in these events. No more. This is a small benefit to encourage players to join us but not another avenue to have Damdai steal another 18 league points. Included in special events will be our Freaky Fridays, possible additional open tournaments, and possibly the addition of a live event that will not occur in Season 2 but may occur at some later point.

Point Scoring
The rules for point scoring will remain the same as last season. I will repost the scoring here. There will be penalties that can reduce your total however. Not showing up after you’ve signed up without at least 24 hours notice will result in a 5 point penalty. Period. Something has to be done to encourage players to respect their opponents’ time. Also, as a way to encourage players who are in the league to continue supporting the larger community and to help encourage you to leave your dark basements, participation in live tournaments can add to your league score. Details on how this will work will be resolved later but if one of our guys goes to Evo and wins the whole thing, there will be a reward for that. Of course we all know that the WWL is going to close out the entire HDR EVO final this year, top 8 all the way! (Or not…)

December 11, 2009 Tournament

That’s the current address with who we currently have. The draw was done randomly. As much as was possible I split up the byes so that there would not be gaps. I did use some personal discretion is relocations when this was necessary. Remember the tournament starts at 9:30 EST / 6:30 PST and you should try your best to be in the chat room and reported in 30 minutes in advance. Any signups that occur between now and midnight PST will be added and the spreadsheet updated but this gives you the idea. All names are the appropriate XBOX LIVE Gamertag to ensure ease of access. Good luck everyone! If you do not have the ability to open Excel Spreadsheets go download open office so you can read it.

I’m hyped man. Also I will definitely be recording games on tourney days. I do have some tweaking to do when I record my games though. There seems to be a little lag. Again the lag is only when I play not when I record others.

I think I’m definitely in this go around - I need a better caliber of player than what I’ve been going against lately, and it’s making me really sloppy. Plus I can avoid the shitstain trash talkers that I seem to keep running into.

Should I look a the old thread for signup details or will it all be all in here once the time comes?

That’s because when you spectate it’s not actually live, but slightly behind (like GGPO) so you do not see their lag.

All Season 2 Details will be here.

While it’s cute that you’re actually going through with this formality you call the WWL, can we all just stop being so pretentious and say that I’m going to win this thing outright?

Ok, to be serious, I’m definitely in for season 2. I just hope BREAK won’t show up.

Oh for that Break is going to open up a whole can of super whoopass on you and that scrubby ass Ken of yours! :looney:

Can someone explain the joke behind BREAK? I don’t get it.

I’m hyped for this new season. :lovin:

I’ve been trying to figure out who this mysterious BREAK is for quite some time now.

In the pool play it would show you vs BREAK

So we are making a joke that break is some sort of street fighter god, he’s never lost, always shows up, etc. etc.

I still don’t get it. Is BREAK supposed to be some codeword for “no show” or “bye”?

Bye always loses, and no show’s a second rate stand-in.

Yeah, No Show is pretty Pringles, and the less said about Bye the better (talk about a scrub).

Ok*, that *cleared it up. :bluu::rolleyes:

I thought in most situations… a bye should be considered a win? I mean why else would you put yourself in there in the first place? Just wondering.

I love to check it out. The website is this right?

I’m sorry I didn’t follow the 1st season but is this for xbl players only?

We run pools. And sometimes the pools are uneven so everyone would get a round off or a ‘Break’. That ‘Break’ is what we joke about. will be the web address when the new updated website is up. We had a catastrophic failure and are rebuilding from scratch in a whole new direction. We’re hyped and you should be too!

Yes XBL only but if there was enough desire for a PS3 league I’d consider it.

Have you posted in the PSN forums? They run regular tournaments and are trying to setup a ranking system similar to the WWL. I think if you posted in there, you’d have a good turnout.

OH! I get it now. :blush:

Cool, can’t wait.

I’ll give the next season a go as well. Silver good stuff bringing this back, it’s fun, people just need to show up is all.

I am curious to see how good PS3 comp is. Every good player I talk to on XBOX live says it’s not worth it to even check. You PS3 guys really should switch I would like to play all you guys who regularly post on here.