Counter Cancel into Super and Ultra

I don’t know if this is known by everyone already and I’m arriving late but here it goes anyways:

I was messing around with Gouken today trying to find some new combos and got around to his counter. I was seeing what you can cancel his counter into, FADC’s and Counter when landing.

I set the dummy to jab like a madman, and tried counter jump-ins into super. What you usually get is Hit Absorption> Counter Hit xx Super. What I got was Hit absorption xx Super

The basis seems to be the same as the Super Armor cancels that Balrog and Abel can do, I need to test if this works with his ultra.

EDIT: It does indeed work with his Ultra. You can cancel Gouken’s parry/counter into ultra.

Anyways, hope I found something new here, not just old stuff. I couldn’t find it in any of the stickies.

Tested it out today, you can cancel his Parry into Ultra. Good stuff.

Hate to burst your bubble, but theres already a discussion abuot this on the first page of this forum.

I see, sorry then -_-;

And thanks.