Counter Characters


Which character gives Ryu the toughest match? Dhalsim, Boxer, or O. Sagat?

Which character gives O. Sagat the toughest match? Dhalsim or Boxer?


I’d say Ryu’s worst matchup is Dhalsim. Benchmark: from recent tourney vids, both Daigo and ShootingD could find no solutions against Gian’s lockdown Dhalsim. It’s just a very difficult match for Ryu. Boxer for O.Sagat, because of the fireball immune super. Once Boxer has super, O.Sagat can’t do much.


Counter Characters are a part of the game. Daigo even switched up characters in his last appearance at Evo. Against Choi he started with O. Sagat, went to Ryu and switched to Boxer for the win. I guess that makes Daigo a bitch ass sissy. Choi beat Kuni by picking a counter character to his Gief, Guile. Which would make him a dickless coward. LOL.


If I’m not mistaken, the japanese usually stick to one char because tournaments over there require you to just keep the same one don’t they?, In any case is more impressive seeing someone being good against everyone else with just one char. Just my opinion.


…a cancerous part that should be surgically excised.


I think characters who have a fast high jump are a natural counter to fireballers. If I have bison I can neutral hop all day and bait you. Maybe that’s just me though.

Countering doesn’t matter much except in a couple circumstances… like Bison vs Chun or Honda.

Honda vs fireballers isnt that bad, besides for DJ, he can do buttslams through fbs and negative edge ochio. If he gets in, it can be over ver fast. Bison vs Chun or Honda just dies.


I agree though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen counter-picking used in a true high level tournament. It seems to be mainly the province of mid-tiers and scrubs, who lack the patience and skill to master a single character, and instead rely on counter-picking to win matches against their, at best, mid-tier opposition. Of course, this strategy loses out to those who’ve mastered their preferred character, know them inside out, and know all the matchups.


You can’t really call counterpicking on Daigo’s part as he regularly plays boxer and knows him just as much as he knows Ryu.
Same for Choi’s Guile if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway it all comes down to who you facing, if my char is, say o.Sagat and I’m at tourney final I’d rather fight my roommate’s sim than Otochun, that’s for sure.


daigo is counter picking, no denying on that part.

no one said he doesnt know how to use balrog. if you know how to use your counter character well, why not use them?


Another example of high level counter picking was at the first Evo. Cole v. Ohnuki, the final matches. First set Cole starts out with his normal Sim and loses that set. Second set, blatant counter pick, he picks O. Sagat, gets a one game lead in that set, Ohnuki picks O. Sagat to counter, and Cole goes back to Sim and wins the championship.


Daigo was losing using Ryu against Sagat and had to make a comeback, you may call it counterpicking, I call it “better save yo ass”, he realized he stood no chance with Ryu thus switched to boxer.
Anyway we can go on debating whether counterpicking is good or not, if I’m a Daigo fanboy or w/e, bottom line is if you’re good enough to master many chars and you wanna win tournys, go for it. There’s still casuals for you to lose.
That’s the same as people who say infinites are cheap and shit and get bashed for it because according to the pro-gamer’s rules there’s no such thing as cheap, how’s counterpicking cheap then?

Neg bomb me now :rofl:


anyways back to my original questions:

Which character gives Ryu the toughest match? Dhalsim, Boxer, or O. Sagat?

Which character gives O. Sagat the toughest match? Dhalsim or Boxer?


Ryu - Dhalsim. W/out Meter is a VERY hard fight for him.

O. Sagat - Sim. Can counter ALMOST anything from Sagat easily.