anyone have a list of counter-characters???
EX: character-A > character-B
and maybe a short summary as to why???
if you have a full list that would be awesome!!! (maybe a .txt FAQ or something)
but TOP-TEIR characters are fine too.


i think balrog boxer kinda counters sagat… dont know why… just what i think… and chun li kinda counters sagat too… im just saying cus it seems like when i’m balrog or chun li fighting sagat is easier than when im other chars…

and i think shotos counter maki… because all her run in mind games get countered by jab shoryuken… as well as those jumping games. she doesn’t really have much other than those… and jab shoryuken recovers too fast, if she runs back to avoid it and runs forward again, you can still block or do another jab shoryuken.


Counter characters you’ll probably never need to know…

N-Morrigan counters A/C Rolento. For FREE.

Hibiki counters all Chun Lis.

N-Iori beats up Kyo and Guile… and IMO Cammy also.

Dhalsim beats up Hibiki.


Yea I hate fighting n-morrigan with rolento :bluu: i cant get up damnation! :smiley:


Vega(Claw) own Chun Li for free

Usually anyone with a ground/low fireball has a much better chance at beating Cammy…


Cammy doesn’t counter:
]good RC Honda
Vega doesn’t counter:
Bison doesn’t counter:
Rolento doesn’t counter:


Athena counters Cammy
Joe counters Balrog
Sagat counters Gief

there are many many more, to many to name


i havent experienced this one before.
how does she stop him???


Sagat doesn’t counter Gief. That match is close to even.

ATHENA counters Gief.


I dont think Joe would be a counter for Balrog either… Mostly any character who can duck his S.Fierce and has a strong game is a good counter. Good example would be Blanka…


Hmm I always thought she did cause her crossup n shit and when you get inside. Doesn’t her j.short beat vegas s.rh? All I can think of is like jump away fp with vega for AA…Can someone clear this up pls thanks.

Also does cammy counter rolento?
I think her fierce kills everything that rolento has.


Without low jump, Cammy cannot crossup a crouching Vega.


Trust me he does, his slide kills Balrog. I actually didnt know Athena could counter Gief. I usually use Nak for that matchup.

Edit: How is the Gief, Sagat matchup close to even? From everything ive seen and my playing experience Sagat usually kills Gief pretty handly. Vega and Rolento seem to own Athena for free. Hardest matcups for me with her.


RC Punch Lariats hit s.fierce cleanly. A missed RC Lariat trades. RC Kick Lariat hits s.forward. He can’t be swept during either Lariat, AND he can walk away while doing it to create space again. From further out, you use s.fierce and c.fierce, and once in a while s.forward. With good execution, Gief can control the ground. If Sagat decides to take to the air at that point, RC Punch Lariat is invincible anti-air. RCing a 2-button input move like lariats, Blanka Hops, etc. are probably the easiest RCs in the game, as it only takes one hand to do them. However, there are times when you’ll miss, which is why the match is only CLOSE to even. If I have full life going into a round with Sagat when I’m Gief, I don’t fear the match at all.


Blanka CANT duck under Balrog’s s.fierce, at least not the far version which is Balrog’s main poke.:slight_smile:


No but he can slide under it




Blanka vs Balrog

Blanka: I slide
Balrog: Ok. I block.
Blanka: Ok.
Balrog: Gigaton blow.
Blanka: Ow.

Also, Cammy beats Zangief through a mixture of the 1337 tactics of random cannon spike (unpunishable except by level 3) and random standing roundhouse.


I find blanka hops hard to do because bending my fingers to use my knuckles takes time and … yea. … its just akward.


Okay, first… Blanka is sliding UNDER a Balrog s.fierce. That was what the situation was when jae hoon rightfully said to use a slide. If Balrog is doing a s.fierce, he CANNOT block. If he is NOT doing a s.fierce, Blanka does NOT slide - he sits there with RC Electricity.

And SECOND… Cammy’s “random” s.roundhouse is owned up by random RC Kick Lariat. ALL of Cammys pokes except for c.forward (INCLUDING drills) are owned up by RC Kick Lariat, and c.forward will whiff. Cammy doesn’t do “random” pokes in that match… she does COUNTER pokes… and Kick Lariats are so fast, that unless Cammy is looking for it, it’s hard to counter them. When I was using A-Gief regularly and Choi was using Cammy, I had a streak of like 10 or so wins in that matchup because I had been practicing RC Kick Lariat at the time. It’s not THAT bad of a matchup.