Counter characters


Just wondering what characters are counter characters to others?

Can somebody give me a list if you know it? And throw in reasons why if you know them. Thx


like in another thread: honda vs chun-li… chunli needs to get her with her normals and needs to crossup to ‘mix it up’… honda makes sure that never happens with his fierce and his headbutt… RCed or not…

maybe umm eagle or cammy vs someone with limited range… coz eagles standing fierce reaches wayyy far… or cammys roundhouse…

its also a priority battle… i mean dhalsim does have long reach but if sagat’s c.fierce or beats it… whatya gonna do as a dhalsim?

this is how u see if one person counters another… it goes pretty deep if u think about it… u go think about every move someone has…

i want to give other examples… but cant think of any right now


Cammy Vs Shotos . Cammy’s got the edge.

Theres the old school matchup of Guile vs Vega . Guile loses.

Vega beats him out everywhere.

Hibiki vs King - No contest, Hibiki Rapes

Dan vs Sagat . Dan Rapes him hardcore ^_~


very debatable, the general consensus is that shoto’s actually beat cammy for lots of reasons. RC fireball/funky kick in close, crouching mk to go under cammy’s standing hk, and a bunch of other little details.

this is based mostly on what i’ve read in other threads and from personal experience…

-cammy and vega beat hibiki

-vega counters chun li hard, beats guile and honda, and annoys blanka and sagat

-sakura beats chun li

-honda and bison beat iori pretty badly

-sagat does well against cammy

-sagat vs blanka is kinda even

-chun li does well against kyo

-eagle counters lots of characters, but lots of people sleep on him…

now for my question- who counters sagat? A-sak isn’t as obvious as people think because sagat can turn a minor mistake into 3/4 damage and sakura’s weak vitality and low stun bar make her even more vulnerable.


yup, thats why hes toptier, he almost doesnt have any ounter… perhaps blanka? but even that isnt really an advantage… so =/


what about A-bison, who counters him? cammy does well, who else?


sagat counters bison.


P/K-Kyo. Low jump overhead. Mixups. Stands a chance at dizzying Sagat. S.rh goes over some stuff.



Cammy vs. Honda - St. short beats everything Honda normally uses( Fast hands, headbutt, etc.) Try it.

K-Kyo vs. Mai - Since Mais basic game is throw fans, st. fierce for AA, just do cr. RH underneath the fans. This allows you to get close enough to go for a crossup and then rush Mai. This basically gives Mai 3 options.

  1. Jump-in/crossup

  2. Play footsies with you

  3. Runaway again

  4. Just AA/anti crossup AA

  5. Mai should lose because Kyo has plenty of ways to land a kick throw then go for a mixup from there.

  6. You’ll pretty much know when she is going to do this again, then you can counter her when she tries.

Akuma vs. Vega + Blanka - Akuma dies in these matchups pretty easily. All Vega and Blanka have to do is keep you at a distance so that you can’t rush them, and he’s done. Also, Blanka just needs to land random Blanka Balls once in a while.

Akuma vs. Sagat - You just need to keep your distance and wait for Sagat to make a move. Do short hurricane kick over low TIger Shots, fierce Red Fireball under high Tiger Shots, roll through st. forward, Dp through cr. fierce. Land crossups once he gets close.

Akuma vs. Guile - Again, keep your distance. Most Guiles do Sonic Boom, st. RH x2, cr. forward, dash in cr. jab, st. strong, Sonic Boom etc. Wait for the Sonic Boom, crossup over it. Roll through or Dp the st. RH. Do runaway air fireballs sometimes. Land crossups and then rush Guile.


Balrog, his s. Fierce has more range than Sagat’s c.Fierce, and it beats out his s.Fierce.

There are more reasons, I just forget them


Ok guys! Please teach me how to beat Bison with Sagat. I know I can’t jump. What else do I do?


blanka counters shotos pretty well


Try to get Bison to jump or come to you in any way. Throw out low Tiger Shots. St. forward beats the slide. Cross him up when he gets in, and pressure him to jump, then Tiger Uppercut him.


to burghy: nick t is absolutely right. turtle your ass off and never ever jump. make him come to you and it’s over. his ground game isn’t as good as sagat’s. just watch out for random activation.


nothing. if there is a true counter, i want to know.


Just do the basic throw fans xx AA with fierce xx runaway. The only things he can do is jump, or roll. If he rolls, cr. RH, runaway, repeat. Walk back and forth while you throw the fans to know which range to do cr. RH.


This use to work… before people starting doing standing lk. Standing lk beats out pretty much all of mai’s moves. Basically all Sagat has to do is standing lk, and force Mai to the corner. He stays at a safe range… if Mai throws fans, sagat can land a jumping rounhouse->super on her. If she tries to runaway, sagat can nail her with a tiger uppercut if he’s fast enough. If she actually does make it out of the corner… no worries. Just force her to the other corner.

But if they don’t know about standing lk, mai has good chances.

counter characters

bison/vega/cammy > hibiki
cammy/rolento > vega
cammy > rolento
vega/mai > yamazaki
vega > chun-li
bison > vega


to whoever said Cammy loses to shotos… because of some list of stuff… Shotos cr MK is shitty vs Cammy… you whiff cr MK it is easier to st RH into super it than a whiff sagat cr FP. in the mean time cammy can RC cannon drill to go under fireballs and get in. and not every shoto has an RC funky kick like you make it out to sound… i know ken is now considered high tier… but there are two other shotos. And if the shotos are in C groove, unless you have god like reflexes and aren’t playing Ken, Cammy can whiff st RH pretty liberally.


True, but all you have to do is throw Sagat into a corner, then play keep away with the fans and so on. Like I said, the only way to get in is to jump or roll at that point.


Blanka counters Guile pretty well, at least better than most other characters. I don’t know how hard he counters him though, since Daigo did pretty good against Ino