Counter hit C.MK into U2



I was just doing a bit of practice in training mode and discovered (Well, it’s new to me) that a counter hit combos into Splendid Claw, and that it’s not all that difficult.

The problem, I fear, is that it may be too difficult to hit confirm to be useful at all. Does this seem to be the case for you guys? Anyone out there have any method of making this effective or does it just require intense reaction time?

I’d hate to think that it is completely useless, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Perhaps it could be useful in a frame trap or counter hit set up?


will never happen

i seriously doubt anyone can spot the CH message and ultra in time,

i barely can get jump in to ultra to connect trying to hit confirm it


Even with the additional counter hit damage, i don’t think it’s worth the risk. Timing felt super tight when i tried it out.


Eh, I figured that would be the verdict, I do agree though, Jaiyiorck. I don’t trust my execution enough to risk it in a counter hit set up situation.

What a shame.