Counter-hit combos?

So I was in the lab, labbing things as I usually do, and I noticed that the hit stun off of counter hit is crazy, allowing for some pretty interesting combos such as:

CH>cr.hp>EX Dankukyaku = 278 dmg/485 stun

CH>cr.hp>EX Gadouken>FADC>U1 = 549 dmg/405 stun

or if you have good execution…

CH>U1 = 454 dmg/125stun


CH>hp Koryuken>FADC>U2 = 438 dmg/ 325 stun

CH >cr.hp>Gadouken>FADC>>EX Dankukyaku = 356 dmg/ 595 stun

I don’t know if this is old news, or if it’s completely impractical. Does anybody know any good counterhit setups?

good news for me. i like

For your counterhit MP into Koryuken combo, you can do that easily without a counterhit, so all you’re getting is the bit of extra damage/stun the counterhit itself gives. :wink: I think doing the c.HP after a counterhit MP is harder execution than actually doing the Ultra straight-up off of it.

AE 2012 will let us do our sweep after a counterhit cl.MP as a two frame link, which isn’t bad.

One thing I’d be tempted to try, if I spent more time in the lab, would be to get a counterhit close MP, then walk forward a touch and see if I could land another close MP. You’d have five frames of walking to do, I don’t know if that’d be enough, but I imagine you could possibly make it happen.

This was my thought exactly, so I definitely gave it a shot. I couldn’t pull it off, but I’m not sure if that’s because it’s not possible or I just need to work on my execution. I would say you should still check it out though.

It’s enough. You can already do it, though the distance gained is minimal (Which means it’s utility is minimal)

Yeah you can do counterhit close mp, walk up close mp, but meh.

Counterhit close mp to u1 is pretty important imo. As for counterhit setups, look at cr lp to close mp, cr mp to close mp, close lk to close mp, far lp to close mp, close hk to close mp, and all of those into close hk instead of close mp for people who like to crouch tech later. Dan is full of these. Just make sure that you’re aware of the opponent’s throw range. For the most part Dan’s counterhit setups aren’t perfect, they mostly lose to a throw (instead of a crouch tech), but close mp actually has more range than most characters’ throw ranges, so you can stand outside of that throw range anyway.