Counter hit frame data needed for some theory fighting =)

Im kinda new to frame traps. I know 99% of them involve hitting your opponent in a counter state, so I wanted to know if anybody knows about some frame data ( especially with adon ) that gives you the + numbers of the advantage one will get by doing a counter hit with most of normals.
Like adon’s has +2 on hit … how much will he have on counter?

You get plus 3 frames on counter hit which is across the board I think.

Its irrelevant though,the only frame trap you need to know with Adon is crossup mk,,st.hp(counter hit) then link into cr.jab to confirm the cancel into lk rising jaguar.

Meaty counter-hit far s.HP is a one-frame link into another far s.HP. Completely practical, right guys?!

Anywho, what Cheech said is correct. A crouch light attack into close s.HP (counter-hit), c.LP xx LK RJ is about the only counter-hit set up you need. Any sort of frame advantage into close s.HP, really.

+1 for LP/LK, +3 for everything else (including specials).

Yeah, I already knew the s.HP, c.lp trap, but I was wondering if maybe I could use close instead. For no reason I have more luck landing that kick move on counter more times than the s.hp.
So its +3 extra on counter huh? Great … thx!
EDIT: Btw, is there a way I can practice adons s.hp frame trap on training successfully? All the time I choose Ryu, then mu dummy to be Adon, and try to record the frame trap. Problem is that when I do it, since Im not controlling Ryu, all of adons attacks hit. Then when I do the playback, and since Im blocking, the timing changes and the trap doesnt work 100% ( trying to counter it with a crouch tech lk ). Any thoughts?

Specials are +2 on Counter Hit.

I stand corrected! Thanks…