Counter Hit into Last Dread Dust (get them off your face)

So after some late night lab testing, I made some rather interesting discoveries, and i think that every cody player should test it out.

pardon me if this was posted, but i do think its valuable info for its own thread, (maybe merge it with The Punishment thread?)

Counterhits into U2

the ones that worked were:

close mp (duh),
close fierce,
cr fierce,
cr mp
and toward mp.

now the real test was reacting to those counter hits
set counterhits as random, and be amazed at how easy it is to hit confirm:

Close hp into U2
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, as everybody seems to eat it as a counterhit
toward mp!

The timing on this with a few CH normals is ridiculous, close fierce being the easiest. The others…not so much.

t.MP is probably the easiest, and most practical use of this. It wasn’t put into the Tutorial because I didn’t know about it until about a week after that when Yeb make me aware of how awesome it was. Since then, I’ve been making great use of CH t.MP.

I believe all of these setups are already detailed in the Cody Combo thread. In addition to what you posted in the OP of this thread, there are some other non-counterhit links into U2 that are worth knowing about:

  • close s.MP
  • max range f+MP
  • knife c.HP
  • EX Rocks
  • Jab Rock (I believe this works, anyway, but it is very range dependent)

Naturally, since these work without a counterhit, they are in turn all much easier when you do score a counterhit.

As one last note, if you land a counterhit close s.HP or any range counterhit c.HP, you should cancel into EX Rocks if you have the meter, then combo with U2. It’s a lot easier than trying for the link straight to ultra and is ultimately more damage.

jab rocks does work unto U2.

also, as awesome as cr fierce (counterhit) into ex bad stone is, if the person focuses the cr fierce, u can get crumpled before the ex rocks gets even thrown. U can actually eat a lot of random reversals between the cr fierce and the ex rocks.

Very very useful info.

cr lp CH also combos into U2

One I’ve actually found that’s pretty confirm able is c.hp into ex rock toss, you can buffer the motion and if the rocks hit, it means the hp counterhit and it will combo. I haven’t tried performing it in a match yet, but I’m going to try a jab jab mp, walk forward throw, and then try it by doing a slight step forward but hit c.hp into ex rocks. Hopefully they’re trying to tech or jab and it should counter hit.

t.MP means what? cant think of what the ‘t’ means