Counter-Hit Somersault Needs Buffs - The Jacky Bryant Thread


I’m not a tier whore, I’m an old-school Jacky player since all the way back in VF5 so I know what’s up.

Important moves for beginner Jackies:
:d: P
down attack( :df: K)
Beat Knuckle(P+K)
Somersault(Lucky 7K)
translator’s note: 7 means :ub:

Important moves for making combos look cool:

Important moves for taunting pre-round:

That’s about all I got for now, will update as time goes on.

PS: If I see anybody on PSN with a Jacky dressed up like Dio Brando that isn’t me, they get a whuppin’.


1P+KPP or 1P+KPK is good damage

4K+G 5P 1P+KPP
4P+K 4K+G 5P 1P+KPP


Jacky Combo thread on VFDC


Thanks for that. Cool, it looks like my launcher combo is in line with that guy’s damage-wise:
:f:K, :b:KKKK, :uf:K, :db:K+G
I think it’s 91 or 93 damage.


All of his combo finishers seem to be
:db::p:+:k:,‘whatever button you feel like pressing’

He doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff to hit people when they’re on the ground…

Only thing that strikes me as useful is that double kick thing :uf:::k:+guard or the somersault…

I could be wrong since I’m really just starting to play him after switching my main but yeah…


Jacky sure is different from the days of VF4:EVO, and Vanilla VF5.

Back Shuffle K being a Mid hit now instead of High was something I’ve always wanted them to change.


Never juggle with this. They can tech roll after the 3rd hit and you end up with little damage.

I’ll post a somewhat detailed Jacky guide once I figure out some more stuff with him, like when to use 4P+K.


Could somebody drop a list of everything Jacky has that hits mid…

I got outscrubbed by a cr. jab mashing Jean…

lol this, I have hit a couple of people with it, but it seems hardly reliable… seems like just a surprise move to hit people with…

Got some good combos to use after it… the ones in the VFDC link have some of the most awkward timing, and one of them can be tech rolled…






The end part can most def be techrolled and then what?



seems important mid combo but how often will somebody be able to land this by itself in a match? I wish this move didn’t require you to hold a direction…


Good to know.




is an alright poke, but in terms of reach :f:K+G and :df:K (and the followup chain) feel a little better and hit mid. :f:K+G is da god and leads into easy damage on CH, and :df:K can be taken further into the chain options (i.e. :df:KP:u:P+K+G, :df:KPK…).

4P+K has its setups, and from what I’m gathering most 4P+Ks work well off of successful Defensive Moves versus heavy whiffs.


“In vanilla, i never felt it was important to pay attention to half circular moves. I would just work with 50% chances, either ill hit you/get hit or not. But now, bad evade attempts put you into a MC-able state, so everyone’s half circular moves/strings combo and are guaranteed. Jacky’s 4p+k is very strong for this reason (even though it launches on NH)”

so basically you’re using 4p+k to catch people for evading in a direction. It’s only half circular, but if you know which way people like to evade (ALOT of people prefer to evade down), you can catch them for that habit, and net a TON of damage for it. Jacky couldn’t do this before.

If your sketchy with the 6K:G (Iageri Kick), you can replace it with a jab, and the combo should still work. The bounds also extend the combo.

But overall the Iageri Kick is way too strong not to use. Thats (almost exactly) like saying a Mishima Electric isn’t worth going for. It’s 16 frames, +3 (wtf) on block, half-circular, and launches even on Normal Hit!? Busted.


make sure your setting the AI in Training mode to tech roll exact. If you notice, in training mode the combo ticker will turn green once you start hitting the computer off of the ground. This is because its possible to tech roll out of the combo.

I was thinking about writing a general FAQ/move analysis for Jacky. I would make videos if I could.


This vid has an interesting combo though it was dropped

CH 6P+K 6K 5P 4K+G HB! [6]K:G …

Open Stance
Weight specific: Light Weight and Below

I don’t think 2P+K will connect

Both Stance
Light Weight and Below
CH 6P+K 6K 5P 2P+K LB! 2/8P+K+GPP
CH 6P+K 6K 5P 2P+K LB! 7K+G

CH 6P+K 6K 4K+G HB! 1P+KPK


So far I don’t know how to play against Jean or Jeffry…

Help a nigga out… I play sort of ‘scared’ against Jeffry and try to stay away from that close ranged stuff… is this the wrong way to play him…

I hate tagging him with stuff, just for him to get in and fuck me over for like 60%+…

Right now I have a list of favorite moves, is there anything I should take off this list…
(SS=Slide Shuffle)(SSS=Side Slide Shuffle)

1.SS, K(Pretty sick for baiting whiffs and wake-up attacks)
2.3K,P(Just a dope string in general), K, SS
3.3K,P,2K, 2K
4. 4P,2K or 4P,2P
5.4KKKK(Good for hitting crouchers/people you bait into crouching)
6. 1P+K,PP(If you need to adlib a juggle when you didn’t expect to get it, this is one of your go-to moves)'
7.4P+K(thanks to cozby, I found out that this move has utility, does work on people that like to evade, I didn’t know mechanics like that changed)
8. 4K+G(I didn’t know this move was as dope as it was, if you should be using anything to get a combo off, this is something you are more likely to land, not sure if it goes over some low hits, but it’s damn fast)

Anything else people would like to add to the list of dope moves…

Is this first jab from SSS confirmable before you go for the other hit…

That 2nd jab from SSS has HELLA recovery if you miss or if it gets blocked… if the first jab gets blocked/misses what should I do? Prepare to be hit or throw and block/crouch? Go for a throw? Think of something better?



I’ts Harder to play as jacky though. i always have to do R2 most of the time and i always have to press P+G+K or → PPP.


Yup. 4K+G is an amazing whiff punisher, and you can get 60+ on anyone on the roster from it.

Have you guys messed with SS P+K? This is a hit-checkable mid-mid string that launches, a pretty good, new move.

Heres what Jacky’s punishment looks like:


Vs. Standing Recovery
-10: Throw

-12: PK 32 dmg, +4 on hit

-14: 3PPP 53 dmg, knockdown
6P+K > PK 50 dmg, +4 on hit 7K+G 62 dmg, knockdown

-15: 66K, 31 dmg, knockdown

-16: 6_K:G, launch
P+KP, launch

-17: 6K launch

Vs. Crouching Recovery

-12: 2P 11 dmg, +4 on hit

-14: 6PK 39 dmg, knockdown 7K+G 62 dmg, knockdown

-15 66K 31 dmg, knockdown

-16 P+KP launch

-17 6K launch

There’s more stuff to punish with, but these are definitely the better (if not the best) options to go for.


Time to practice all these combos! Good posts guys! :slight_smile:

I started online with him, played him 60 games and am currently at 30/30 so I hope learning these combos can help me improve.


Click to see combo

CH P+KP 6_K:G 2P+K 6_K:G 7K+G 101

This channel has a lot vids of himself playing Jacky


Anyone know a good launcher that isn’t his crouch uppercut?


6K is his main launcher. Good for punishing sweeps

Iaigeri kick 6K!G launches on normal hit now

SS P+KP is hitcheckable and launches

4K+G is somewhat slow but has alot of range and good for punishing whiffs, or people trying to get in from a distance

2P+K is a half-circular high that launches

SS 3P also launches

Those are his go-tos if your looking just to put in some damage fast. He also has a wide assortment of CH launchers. Check the combos i put on VFDC here: Combos#Post324629