Counter-Hit Somersault Needs Buffs - The Jacky Bryant Thread


Time to practice all these combos! Good posts guys! :slight_smile:

I started online with him, played him 60 games and am currently at 30/30 so I hope learning these combos can help me improve.


Click to see combo

CH P+KP 6_K:G 2P+K 6_K:G 7K+G 101

This channel has a lot vids of himself playing Jacky


Anyone know a good launcher that isn’t his crouch uppercut?


6K is his main launcher. Good for punishing sweeps

Iaigeri kick 6K!G launches on normal hit now

SS P+KP is hitcheckable and launches

4K+G is somewhat slow but has alot of range and good for punishing whiffs, or people trying to get in from a distance

2P+K is a half-circular high that launches

SS 3P also launches

Those are his go-tos if your looking just to put in some damage fast. He also has a wide assortment of CH launchers. Check the combos i put on VFDC here: Combos#Post324629


What should I do if someone is spamming low punch? I keep getting people like that versus Jacky and he’s so damn tall that people who are shorter just dodge my high hits with ease, just by standing lol. I try to launch, but then I get spammed with mid hits, try to block those but then get spammed low punch.


New player here. Let me get this straight: if the other guy’s dumb (or young) enough, you can put down your controller and make them beat themselves to death with Jacky’s automatic punch counter?


shouldn’t be techable on up to at least Brad, Jacky and heavier might be too heavy? Don’t remember if it’s universal or not… anyways just do 4P+K, 4K+G HB! [6]K:G 7K+G for 80 on pretty much everybody if you aren’t sure about the 2P+K into SSS PP hitting.

Wasn’t mentioned on the combo list, but 6K [6]P [6]K:G 2P+K LB! [6]K:G 7K doesn’t hit Brad in open stance, the somersault misses. Can just skip the last Iaigeri and do the 7K after the bound, does a bit more than doing 2P+K into SSS PP. Dunno if it’s stance specific on any of the other middleweight types, and you have to be really precise to land it on Jacky from what I can tell.

6P+K seems really good to me, though I’m pretty new to VF. Being a high kinda sucks but it’s safe on block, free PK on hit, free 6K on CH, confirmable… though getting ducked/stepped also sucks zzz.

Any safe ways to transition into SS other than counter-hits that combo into SS P?


my slide shuffle deflection guide


Just coming in here to say that I hate random somersaults.


1p, k, mixed up with 6p into string or 3k into string are good starting attacks with Jacky. It seems to be harder for Jacky if your opponent gets in too close; it feels like his usual 6p elbow is slower than before, though it may be online lag doing that for me. It’s also good to bait the rising attack by standing a bit close, then hitting 1p+k+g to slide back, then attack with either p+g, p or k after your opponent’s rising attack active frames.


Sometimes if I add an extra P at the end of those combos, it hits.

4P+K 4K+G 5P 1P+KPPP

I also like to do:

4P+K 4K+G 5P 7K (Somersault!)
Not as much damage as that second combo, and the somersault has to come out fast, or it won’t hit.

Testing around in the lab, I also found:

3PPP+K(Hold) ~ 2G+KKKK…
I think it’s 60 something damage.

I gotta say, for me Jacky is Godlike in FS. I played him a lot in VF4 EVO, but in this one the execution is easier in most of his moves. Although a few moves seem to be slower (like his 6K).


I use this often. I bait a wake up kick, then Side Shuffle + K. Or you can even do a regular back dash then 66K. (This move has a huge reach!)



cheap stuff


Jacky has some nice mid punches, 3ppp and such. Use them. Block then elbow. If they throw them out like idiots, I think you can even flip kick after you block a low punch.


3PPP are all high

6P and 4K are good mids during blocked 2P mashing


EDIT: double post sorry


The last punch is special high (ex-high), actually. Not so good against straight up low punch spam, but nice if they like to duck the last of your strings and throw shit out. I think the last punch on his 5p string is special high as well. Evade into Beat Knuckle (p+k) I’m not so sure would work but goddamn if it did.

EDIT: Turns out evading leaves you at too big a disadvantage to make evade Beat Knuckle work. HOWEVER block then Beat Knuckle will crush the next low punch. Hell, you can block then Skyscraper Kick thanks to the clash system. Evade then low punch will also leave them side-turned.


Started playing Jacky online against people of obvious skill difference, partly because it might help me understand Jacky a little better and also because I made him look like Travis Touchdown. I’ve come across a few things I feel I need to point out or correct.

First of all, the 3PPP string is in fact all high. The string I had been thinking of earlier was PPP where the third hit is special high (ex high). The knockdown hit of 3PPP is also techable, so no guaranteed pounce like in 4E. 3PPP is not terrible (14 frame start up, high, techable knockdown), but Jacky has better options.

He does have a 12 frame special mid (ex mids can be blocked low) kick with 2K+G, but be careful how you use it. It’s not very good on hit, and it’s god awful on block. The follow-up kicks are even worse. It does however have some use, like if they’re low on life and you want to cover sidekick distance in 12 frames. You can play a bit of “will-I-won’t-I” with the follow-ups, and the second kick is a true mid. Just keep in mind they are horrendous on block and even hit. Jacky definitely has better mid options, but 2K+G can be of use.


There’s a few situations where you can combo into 2K+G all except last hit and none of it is techable. I can’t remember them off the top of my head when it was the most damaging option. No wall needed.


From what I’ve seen between my Jacky player friend and I, 2K+G is never the most damaging option. Most of the time sticking in iegeri kick (hold forward K, tap G) into whatever is optimal damage.