Counter hit specific combos: Who has them and how important are they?


Recently I discovered by accident, the existence of counter-hit specific combos.

Since I noticed these unorthodox combos would work online but not in training mode, I foolishly wrote them off as lag combos. I later corrected myself when I realized that certain combos I was doing would happen on a counter-hit.

I don’t know if this is a true discovery, or if y’all have known about it forever, but I searched the forums and couldn’t find too much on the topic itself.

Also what really sparks my curiosity was how my main character, Rose, can counter-hit combo off of any of her normals except for far HP and HK. this is not a universal fact however since today I tested if I could counter-hit combo with Zangief’s normals and there were only 2 that I saw it work for.

So those who main other characters, please tell me what counter-hit combo potential your character has or else I’ll just take it back to the training room. I stand by the idea of counter hits increasing footsies importance for certain match ups.


s.hp into another s.hp with guile


Counter hit DP with Ken can be FADC’d into full ultra. So ya, thats pretty important.


Boxer can link TAP into a bnb combo off of counter hit


on top of that ken can link cr. mk off of forward mk with ch, which allows for either a hado or better yet a ex tatsu to get within striking distance.


can i quote myself… ahhfuck it

from rufus thread

unless youre getting a counterhit starter consistently, its not gonna prove to be very useful :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose that’s a downside. I say as long as you have the muscle memory to perform counter-hit combos blind, you can use your eyes to watch for when you get a counter hit. Or maybe the timing is perfect where you can get the counter-hit, acknowledge it is a counterhit (I wish there was an audio cue for this), then do a follow-up. Or it would be even better to just notice that you’ve counter-hit your opponent.

That video was pretty cool along with what everybody has shared. I didn’t know Ken’s DP>FADC> full ultra worked like that. I thought it was just a glitch that sometimes would come full and other times it wouldn’t.

So another question needs asked: How many counter hit specific combos does each character have? With Rose it’s honestly up in the teens. Maybe 20s if I count FADC/Supers.


I believe the general rule for frame advantage bonus on counterhit is:

+1 if you CH with a Jab or Short.
+3 for CH Strongs/Fierces/Forwards/Roundhouses
+3 for CH specials

I did testing with every character and found some cool stuff. For some characters it’s just neat little things you won’t use like being able to link CH sLP into cHK sweeps for knockdown and such. A couple examples of interesting CH links, window for input in parentheses.

Viper: Ultra off of CH sMP (2f) or sLK (1f) and probably a couple other normals.
Chun: Ultra off CH cLP (1f). This is pretty cool, corner only though IIRC.

And etc. Frame data makes this really easy to decipher and will also help you find some of the more unusual regular links :tup:


I wonder, is the only notification you can get with using normals “counter hit”? as in there’s no reversal normal moves? Because if so, it might be easier to watch for counter-hits just using peripheral vision. The rule being: if it’s dark text, it’s a counter hit.


Akuma can Far Roundhouse in to Sweep if the second hit connects on counterhit.

Can’t ever picture these being useful… does anyone actually know or expect a counterhit when they get one?


Rose can do a ch crouching mp into mp spiral into super, which is her most useful combo probably (without ch it only works at close range)


Chun li can link ultra after counterhit far st.MP, and it’s very useful


All of these counter hit combos I’ve seen listed seem incredibly useful. Even the one posted above. I can’t imagine an Akuma player not wanting to take a risk ever doing a far RH for a counter hit combo into sweep. Akuma has some of the best wake up options in the game. Also there are probably a few pokes his RH would beat on a second hit, so it’s not very unreasonable.


Dictator has Several, Crouching forward -> crouching Forward -> scissors

Low Short- > roundhouse scissors. etc.

Gotta save some of my tricks :3


Well meaties I know “bleh they suck” also help this. I meatied an overhead with sagat and linked a cr. Jab afterwards into EX fireball.

Ryu: cr. MK > Fireball works at all distances when counterhit. Important for those reversal happy people trying to get between you and your fireball!

I hit cr. MK>cr. MK>EX Fireball ultra with Ryu once but think it was meatied and counterhit rog’s headbutt.

25% more dmg on the initial attack is pretty big.


Daft question but can throws counterhit? The extra damage would be quite severe if Gief could counterhit SPD’s


CH Tiger Uppercut messes up FADC->Ultra distances


CH with Ryu gives you a lot of time to hit confirm a shoryuken.


the first hit doesnt have to be counterhit s.hp on the other hand has to be CH I think


Abel and Ken benefit a lot from counterhits. Toward+Forward with both characters is much more potent on counterhit. Abel can forward kick dash into launch on ch, and that’s huge since it doesn’t matter if you have 2 bars or if they’re crouching etc. There are a bunch of others but none are as important as that one.