Counter Hit Stocking / EX Charge Cancelling


Counter Hit- Generally in fighing games a counter hit is the result of you attacking your opponent while he/she executes an attack. Ex ( 4 framed jab up close can beat out a 7 framed fierce)

  • (counter hits will allow you to perform certain combos that you could not do other wise)

While this is true of all fighting games in SFXT you can actually store the counter hit property.

Ok there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. You can perform a special charge until your character flashes (lightning bolt)

  2. Perform an ex special charge (requires 1 bar of meter)

  • the plus side of using option (2) is that it allows you to obtain the counter hit property quicker*

  • As long as no attack is made you will still have CHP. (Special movements don’t count)*


**EX Charge Cancelling **- Basiclly you can call this the downsized version of SFIV’s FADC

  • like in SF4 it can be use to cancel out of a move(must be special cancelable) that would other wise leave you open to attack. EX (Nina boost combo) - cr.jab, cr.strong,cr.fierce, Ex blonde bomb charge, backdash

-it requires one bar of meter

  • further applications are being tested

To perform the EX Charge Cancelling:

  1. it can be done off of any normal/boost combo that can special cancelled
  • A great way to obtain CHP while attacking


you should never use ex charge cancel because you shouldnt boost combo without hit confirming in the first place


some people do it to mix up you know


you can use it to mix up the opponent, put pressure on him, and use it to gain CHP. I have used this method to get a CHP for** Nina’s ivory cutter** on many opponents which can cause a comboable ground bounce when** only the second hit strikes**. If you read it properly you can do it on normals (cr.fierce, flash kicks, etc…). im not saying go blow out your meter its just a another tool to use and to make this game more fun (lively)


blocked boost combo mixups? you serious?
and with nina if i actually hit with boost combo i’d cancel in ex geyser and get loads of free damage ending it with ivory cutter and…wait for it…STORE COUNTER HIT WITHOUT USING MY METER.
or even better, i’d cancel lp-mp boost combo into mk.geyser since lp-mp is actually a tekken string. and again, free damage, free stored CH after ivory cutter ending and no meter spent.


I only see this viable during standing resets or really long combos that can be extended with a normal that gets a status effect on CH(groundbounce, crumple etc.). This is really good during cross assault too…

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the ex is if your in close range or if you decide to do a quick charge which stores quicker while doing that with no meter is also a choice (there is a potential risk factor of being hit even before the stock or by the time your in safe range to charge without punish the other player will be up by then) but if you do your set up
(st.jab >st.strong-ex geyser with ivory cutter) that is wasting meter for a small combo when you can do (left right to spider knee> St. roundhouse geyser>and what ever method of CHP Charge you want) and as i said before there is a potential risk factor being hit while doing a meterless CHPC after ivory cutter since you are in close range + the duration until the CH indicator flashes which mean you would need have sizable room to charge without punishment.

PS) the blocked boost combo setup is only a single app it’s not a defining factor and i state again it does work especially against people who love to cr. block against nina (due to her low hitting special)
- so boosting to ex charge into backdash into ivory cutter (second hit only due to backdash) can set up your opponent to an abosolute CH

well i you can also use the charge to ease nina’s cr.fierce>cr.fierce meaty since the timing is very very sensative


I some times do a ex lariat charge dash cancel into Hugo’s overhead. If I have trained the opponent to blocking low, this often hits, and it grants me a 500 damage combo. People might argue that it’s a waste of meter since its not guaranteed damage, but I feel it is an important tool to have in my bag of tricks!


Still…this tech is not a one size fit all sort of deal here…some characters can beneifit from while with others…its almost useless.

Im generalizing it but looking at the whole roster…its only useful on alittle more then a handful of characters…anyways. Im not trying to nock your post(though this was common knowledge day -3) but this isnt anything new…

Vert told me to get Tapatalk 2


I knew about it since.ono came down to ny comicon and I by chance pulled it off. But like I said more testing needs to be done


It can be use as a means of escape lets say you mistime a combo and dibt wanna get punished

  • mistakenly mistime a boost combo


Not all characters have special cancellable tekken chains and long enough ground bounces to allow for counter hit storing. Nina, Hwoarang and Steve can store counter hits for free, good for them. But lots of characters don’t have that luxury.

EX CADC is legit on hit. On block you can use it to remain safe like FADC type of thing but you shouldn’t have to since like you said one should always hit confirm when possible. But there are still plenty of times when you can’t really hit confirm and just throw something out. If your chain hits, you can EX CADC forward. If they block, you EX CADC backward.

Testing was already done days before the game even came out… Most players already know about CADC and EX CADC. A lot of players just don’t know when to do them, what to follow up with and why they are good.

Low level players think CADC is bad because jab mashing > than everything. But that’s just because they play against bad players. You can’t frame trap someone who mashes Shoryuken all day. But frame traps are still effective at high level. Just less than AE (because of throw range and slower walkspeed across the board).

Ultimately, what decides if your CADC is good or not is your dash speed/range and how early you can charge cancel into dash.


Oh i know that since you could end up wasting meter if you were to pull of the ex charge or whiff a potential combo off of meterless charge but like any tool it’s all about how you use it and with whom